Past Auditions with FronteraFest

Auditions for Laughing Matter, by FronteraFest
Oct. 12 (2019)

Laughing Matter takes place backstage during a standup show, as two exes meet for the ...

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Auditions for SETLL, by FronteraFest
Oct. 21 - Oct. 22 (2018)

SETLL (Suspected Extra-Terrestrial Landing Location) is a one-act play that contemplates what lies beyond ...

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Auditions for Power Couple, by FronteraFest
Nov. 28 - Dec. 05 (2017)

"Their eyes met and exchanged a flurry of masculine/feminine master/slave signals.” ~Ian ...

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Auditions for HEIDI, a staged musical for FronteraFest (Paid Gig)
Oct. 29 (2017)

FronteraFest presentsHEIDIa musical set in 19th-century Switzerlandby Anne Adams Notarioin a staged reading ...

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Participatory Staging/Auditions for BLUEBONNET ROAD, January 21 - February 4, 2017
Jan. 21 - Feb. 05 (2017)

"Bluebonnet Road" is a one-hour (or less) musical set in the Austin, Texas area. The ...

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Auditioning for Male Actor 30s for SWIPE RIGHT?, a FronteraFest Short Play
Dec. 10 - Dec. 11 (2016)
Auditions for a role in Swipe Right with FronteraFest on Dec 10 through Dec 11. Read more »

Audition for SWIPE RIGHT for FronteraFest Short Fringe: Woman in 30s, Men 30s & 24, December 3, 2016
Dec. 03 (2016)

The play: “Swipe Right?” 

The subject: A bad Tinder date. (Is there any other ...

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Auditions for BERSERKER by Kari Florin, for FronteraFest 2017
Nov. 09 - Nov. 23 (2016)

BERSERKER is the brainchild of duo Kari Floren (writer) and Michael McKenzie (director) and was ...

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Auditions for Final Conversations, by FronteraFest
Nov. 05 (2016)

Final Conversations explores a nother’s wish to have one real conversation with her son before ...

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Seeking Male Actor 30-40 to Play Opposite Lana Dieterich in DEATHRATTLEDOTCOM at FronteraFest Short Fringe
Jan. 03 - Jan. 08 (2016)

Deathrattledotcom takes place in the near future when social security, Medicare, and Medicaid have been ...

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Auditions for Expecting, by FronteraFest
Dec. 01 (2015)

A short play premiering at FronteraFest on January 20th. 



[image via ithemes ...

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Auditions for Maybe Sally Loves You - Angela Returns - It's A Free Country - Some Guys Got All The Good Luck, by FronteraFest
Sep. 26 (2015)

Need seven male, four female actors for "Maybe Sally Loves You" "Angela Returns" "It's A Free ...

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Auditions for Rinse, Repeat, by FronteraFest
Sep. 13 - Sep. 20 (2015)

The play, tentatively titled RINSE, REPEAT revolves around a girl, DESSA (female, 16-27) who develops ...

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