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Design in Texas: Michelle Ney of Texas State University, by Julie Herman for Arts & Culture Texas, March 24, 2017
Created on Mar. 24 at 11:26p.m.
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Call for Scripts: Bottle Alley Theatre Company, Austin - Looking for DIY Punk Aesthetic Work
Created on Mar. 24 at 9:36a.m.

Bottle Alley Theatre Company is accepting non-solicited scripts for our ...

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2017-2018 Season, Zach Theatre, Austin
Created on Mar. 23 at 7:00p.m.


ZACH Theatre Announces 85th Diamond Anniversary Season

2017-18 ...

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Free Legal Clinic for Austin Artists,Texas Accountants and Lawyers for the Arts (TALA) March 30, 2017
Created on Mar. 23 at 6:42p.m.



Thursday, March 30th  6:00 - 8:00 PM ...
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Promo Video by Mike Martin and Michael Jarrott: THE HERD by Rory Kinnear, Jarrott Productions, April 6 - 30, 2017
Created on Mar. 23 at 10:38a.m.

It’s Andy’s 21st birthday and preparations for the party are underway ...

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April 10, 2017 Deadline for High School Seniors to Apply for $500 Joan Baker Theatre Scholarship via Agape Arts
Created on Mar. 23 at 9:43a.m.
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Video Promo by EPIC3M and CI2: LOSING MAMA by K.Z. Frazier, Waco Hippodrome April 22, 2017 and Killeen Arts Center, May 5, 2017
Created on Mar. 22 at 3:44a.m.

Losing Mama is a story of a family’s experience with ...

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Cast Photos: LOSING MAMA by Kerry Ann Frazier, April 22, 2017 at Waco Hippodrome, May 5, 2017 in Killeen
Created on Mar. 22 at 3:29a.m.

Losing Mama is a story of a family’s experience with ...

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Full Schedule for Cohen New Works Festival at University of Texas, Austin, April 10 - 14, 2017
Created on Mar. 21 at 7:44p.m.
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Job: Non-Tenure Track Lecturer for University of Texas Costume Shop, Dept of Theatre & Dance. Application Reviews Begin March 20, 2017
Created on Mar. 19 at 10:00p.m.
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Performance Photos by Daniel Bauman: DISGRACED by Ayad Akhtar, Playhouse San Antonio, March 17 - April 9, 2017
Created on Mar. 19 at 9:01p.m.

It’s just a dinner party. What could possibly go wrong ...

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Vocal Performance Scholarships, Gilbert & Sullivan Austin - deadline APRIL 21, 2017
Created on Mar. 17 at 4:55p.m.
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Video Promo: GODSPELL by Stephen Schwartz and John-Michael Tebelak, The Point Theatre, Ingram, March 24 - April 8, 2017
Created on Mar. 16 at 9:42a.m.

A small group of people help Jesus Christ tell different ...

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Funding Appeal by Taylor Flanagan and Becky Musser: LOVE GOES TOWARD LOVE, Same-Sex Interpretations of Shakespeare's Couples
Created on Mar. 15 at 5:31p.m.
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Opportunity: Stage Manager (paid) for Georgetown Palace Theatre's Young Audience Production of SCHOOLHOUSE ROCK, March 20 - May 6, 2017
Created on Mar. 15 at 9:51a.m.
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Overtime Theatre Is Moving to North San Antonio; Opens There on April 28, by Deborah Martin, San Antonio Express News, March 7, 2017
Created on Mar. 14 at 10:51a.m.
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Performance Photos by Dave Inman: HAMLET and ROSENCRANTZ AND GUILDENSTERN ARE DEAD, March 16 - April 2, 2017
Created on Mar. 14 at 10:31a.m.

Continuing the 2017 season, The City Theatre is very excited ...

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Theatre Company of Bryan-College Station Appoints Adrienn Dobson as Interim Executive Director, by Robert C. Borden, The Eagle
Created on Mar. 13 at 8:12a.m.
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Austin Shakespeare jobs: Sound Board Operator & Crew for COMEDY OF ERRORS in Zilker Park, Stage Manger for Young Shakespeare at Curtain Theatre
Created on Mar. 9 at 4:45p.m.

PAID JOBS: Austin Shakespeare is hiring a SOUND BOARD OPERATOR ...

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Creating New Work at University of Texas UT New Theatre: Interview with Directors
Created on Mar. 9 at 3:17p.m.
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Proyecto Teatro's Appeal to Austin Public on Cancellation of Residency Status at Emma S. Barrientos Mexican-American Center
Created on Mar. 8 at 5:58p.m.

Published by Artistic Diretor Luis Ordaz, March 8, 2017   ...

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Lobby Video: THE SECRET GARDEN, musical, Playhouse San Antonio to March 12, 2017
Created on Mar. 8 at 5:19a.m.
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Call for March 8 to Oppose Mex-AmCenter's Possible Cancellation of Proyecto Teatro Residency for Daring Contemporary Theatre: Sexo, Pudor y Lágrimas
Created on Mar. 7 at 8:08a.m.

Supporters of Austin's Spanish-language Proyecto Teatro have called for ...

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Sam Bass Community Theatre in Round Rock Receives $5000 Grant from Union Pacific Foundation
Created on Mar. 6 at 9:39p.m.

In 2016, the Union Pacific Foundation granted more than $1 ...

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Video Promo by Eric Graham: JOHN by Annie Baker, Hyde Park Theatre, March 3 - April 2, 2017
Created on Mar. 3 at 9:52p.m.

TELEGRAM! Feel like we're on Broadway in the 1950s--our ...

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Video Promo: ADVANCE MAN by Mac Gordon, Yellow Lab Productions at VK Garage Theatre in Kerrville, March 23 - 25, 2017
Created on Mar. 3 at 1:18a.m.

Earth is dying. Humanity has looked to colonize Mars to ...

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Post-performance Talk-back at the Zach Theatre with Robert Schnekkan, author of THE GREAT SOCIETY, March 3, 2017
Created on Mar. 2 at 8:56p.m.




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Video Glance: TILT Performance Group, Austin, for Amplify Austin Fundraiser
Created on Mar. 2 at 8:47p.m.

TILT Performance Group: A New Stage For Hidden Talen

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Austin Shakespeare's 2017 Video Submission to Texas Commission for the Arts
Created on Mar. 2 at 9:59a.m.
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Forced to Move (Again), the Overime Theatre Perseveres, by James Courtney, San Antonio Current, March 1, 2017
Created on Mar. 1 at 1:20p.m.
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Pollyanna Theatre's Video Pitch for Amplify Austin 2017
Created on Feb. 28 at 8:00p.m.
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The Mayor's Omnibus Resolution on the Arts, One Year Later by Robert Faires, Austin Chronicle, February 24, 2017
Created on Feb. 28 at 4:24p.m.
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Paid Summer Internship at Classic Theatre, San Antonio
Created on Feb. 28 at 3:52p.m.

Paid summer internship position available! 

The Classic Theatre is ...

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The Rent Is Too Damn High (for Austin Artists) by Renuka Rayasam, Austin Monthly, February, 2017
Created on Feb. 27 at 8:24p.m.
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(Fundraising for) A New Stage for the Overtime Theatre, San Antonio, by Katherine Stimson, Rivard Report, February 26, 2017
Created on Feb. 27 at 7:56p.m.
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Cast Portraits by Daniel D. Baumer: THE SECRET GARDEN musical, Playhouse San Antonio to February 10 - March 12, 2017
Created on Feb. 27 at 5:21a.m.

Cast portraits by Daniel D. Baumer.

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