by FronteraFest

Jan. 03 - Jan. 08 (2016)

Deathrattledotcom takes place in the near future when social security, Medicare, and Medicaid have been effectively eliminated in America. Corporations attempt to take their place with their own programs for the old and indigent. Carl and his mother Jackie have been told of a corporate option as they prepare for Jackie's hospice care. They meet a representative from deathrattledotcom who explains how natural death can be recorded on video for the pleasure of internet subscribers. Featuring Lana Dieterich as Jackie.

Casting: ten-minute piece for FronteraFest
Looking for actor to play Lana Dietrich's son 
Age range: 30-40
Need to begin rehearsals this week.
(Performance date: January 21
Play is deathrattledotcom by Jeffrey Swan Jones.
If interested, please email me -