The Sons of Atreus
by FronteraFest

Nov. 12 - Nov. 13 (2022)


In the days leading up to the siege of Troy, the Greek general Agamemnon dares to insult the god Apollo. As vengeance, the god curses the Greek army with a deadly plague that soon infects their own king, Menelaus – Agamemnon’s brother. In order to save his brother, his army, and his reputation, Agamemnon must find a way to appease Apollo, while mending the estranged relationship between himself and Menelaus. An affectionate retelling of a powerful myth, The Sons of Atreus focuses on the brotherhood between the epic heroes.


Looking to cast actors for the FronteraFest Short Fringe production The Sons of Atreus, a new play written and directed by Rachel Stanford. It has never been produced before. It is scheduled to perform at least once sometime during the FronteraFest run (January 17--February 18, 2023); more specific dates and times will be announced by FronteraFest before Thanksgiving.


AUDITION DATES: November 12-13, from 7:00-9:45 PM, at Holy Word Lutheran Church (in their Fellowship Hall).





Cold readings: a monologue from Homer's The Iliad and a scene from the script

You may also prepare a 1-minute monologue from any classical Greek or Roman text. [Recommended, but not required.]



MENELAUS (male, 25-35) – King of the Achaians (Greeks). A good ruler and reasonable man, but embittered by tragedy. Cursed by Apollo with boils for his brother Agamemnon’s hubris.

MACHAON (male, 35-55) – The wise, war-weary doctor. A reluctant optimist. Attends to Menelaus and counsels him.

ACHILLES (male, 18-25) – The hero of the Achaians, and leader of their Myrmidon squadron. Young, bull-headed, and with a sense of honor that some might call self-importance.

AGAMEMNON (male, 25-35) – General of the Achaians, brother to King Menelaus. A perpetual warrior, he sees everything as a battle that must be won. His brother is the one person he still cares about.

BRISEIS (female, 18-30) – A prisoner of war, captured by the Achaians. Shell-shocked by what she has seen. Has formed a bond with Achilles, who found her in the wreckage of her city.

Cross-gender casting possible.

Rehearsals should begin around November 16, with breaks for Thanksgiving and Christmas. They will be roughly an hour long and will be flexible with your schedule.

I am planning on paying actors, but at this time I can only promise a small stipend of $100. Plans are being made to grow that sum.