Rinse, Repeat
by FronteraFest

Sep. 13 - Sep. 20 (2015)

The play, tentatively titled RINSE, REPEAT revolves around a girl, DESSA (female, 16-27) who develops a relationship with her camp counselor, DREW (male, 18-32). Our story takes place over a period of 6 years; actors must be able to play late teens through mid to late twenties. 


[CTX image taken from a digital art poster available via Etsy]


10-25 min. piece to garner interest for future Austin production. This is a play still evolving/in development. Willingness to contribute your brain is absolutely desired and required.

Rehearsals will begin in late November. There will be roughly 10 rehearsals total, all about 1.5-2 hours in length. 

If interested in creating something new, vulnerable, and hopefully profound, please e-mail or message me your headshot, resume, and a little something about your art. I'm happy to send you more information about the piece and/or examples of working dialogue. You can reach me at sarahkimberlybecker@gmail.com. Dreams, y'all!