by FronteraFest

Oct. 21 - Oct. 22 (2018)

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SETLL (Suspected Extra-Terrestrial Landing Location) is a one-act play that contemplates what lies beyond the limits of what we know. The play explores the world of four Extra-Terrestrial Arrival Ambassadors, touching on why they are searching for the extra-terrestrials and how their mission affects their relationships with each other.

Amanda Chang (playwright, director) graduated from Yale University with a BA in Theatre Studies in 2013. Her directing credits include Breaking the Code, The Glass Menagerie, and Blood Brothers. She currently works as a software engineer in Austin. In her free time, she's an active member of the Austin Improv Community and plays ultimate frisbee.



Auditions for SETLL 
A new play by Amanda Chang 
Directed by Amanda Chang (Yale Theatre Studies, 2013) for The Long Fringe at FronteraFest 
Produced by Nebula Theater Company 
More info at 

Sunday, October 21 & Monday, October 22 at MusicLab Oltorf 
1306 West Oltorf St. Austin, TX 78704 

Wednesday, October 24 


Leader of the group, the original extra-terrestrial seeker.
Time has transformed his optimism into cynicism.
Prefers nature to humanity.
Married to Susan.
A quiet pillar of strength.
Appreciates passion in the people she surrounds herself with.
Married to David.
Late 20’s
Boyish, throws his whole focus into everything he does.
The type of energy that sticks out in a room.
Guitar skills a plus, but not necessary.
Mid 20’s
Artistic, sweet, loving, supportive.
New to the extra-terrestrial search.

SETLL will debut at The Long Fringe at FronteraFest, which takes place at the Ground Floor Theatre in Austin. 
2019 Long Fringe dates are January 21 - February 2, 2019. 
There will be four performances during the festival, exact dates TBA. 

Please submit resume/headshot to We’ll respond with audition slots and sides.