Power Couple
by FronteraFest

Nov. 28 - Dec. 05 (2017)

"Their eyes met and exchanged a flurry of masculine/feminine master/slave signals.” ~Ian Fleming, Goldfinger

KATE and TODD seem to have a really great thing going! They’ve been dating for months, they get along, they have fun, and TODD thinks it’s just about time to take it to the next level. The next level, for TODD, means offering to hire KATE to be his live-in girlfriend. KATE takes matters into her own hands and makes a counter-offer that she believes will be a win-win for them both.

This is based on a true story. 


via Facebook:

Hi, I’m Megan Winget, and I’m currently casting an upcoming one-act play, POWER COUPLE, for a Frontera Fest Short Fringe run and we’re looking for actors to fill the two principal roles. 

POWER COUPLE will have a guaranteed single performance on January 30 (with a final dress/tech rehearsal on January 27, and three two-hour rehearsals in January). There will be possible follow up performances if selected for ‘Best of the Week’ and ‘Best of the Fest’. 

We’re offering a stipend of $200 for cast members with speaking roles, with an additional $50 if we get chosen for ‘Best of the Fest.’ 

Here's what we're looking for:

KATE - Female, 35-45. Any race. Attractive enough to pass for a trophy wife. Kate has just opened her own interior design firm, and is very well-connected socially. She’s like your favorite bartender, if your favorite bartender had a really good eye for design and owned a successful small-business. I’d like this actor to have enough presence and confidence to be compelling and still assertive under duress. 

TODD - Male, 40s. White. Todd is a charming, internet-wealthy, tech startup CEO. Also a psychopath (not the violent kind). It’d be easy enough to play Todd as a clueless tech-bro, but it’d be cool if I could find someone who can identify, and illuminate, some of his redeeming qualities.


- Saturday January 27, 9 am (mandatory tech rehearsal at Hyde Park Theater)
- Tuesday January 30 (performance)
- Saturday February 3 (just in case we win ‘Best of the Week’)

Interested? Send the following info to megan.winget@gmail.com:

Please use the subject line “Power Couple: <Role Name>".
-Name and phone number
-Two recent pictures (one full body, one headshot)
-Acting resume
-City of current residence
-Include dates for any non-negotiable conflicts you have between Jan 1 - Feb 18.

Thanks, we look forward to hearing from you!



[image via shirtsicle.com]