Upcoming Auditions

Auditions for Twelfth Night, by Overtime Theater, San Antonio

Dec. 14 - Dec. 16

Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare

Adapted and Directed by Emily Fitzgerald




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Auditions for Mixed Couples by Boerne Community Theatre

Dec. 15 - Dec. 16

The time is 1927, the place an airplane hangar in New Jersey where two couples wait for the fog to lift so their chartered plane can fly them to Washington. Their meeting is quite by chance, but also ironic, as it develops that the four had switched partners twenty-five years ...

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Auditions for Sweet Charity, by Georgetown Palace Theatre

Dec. 15 - Dec. 18

Inspired by Federico Fellini’s Nights of CabiriaSweet Charity explores the turbulent love life of Charity Hope Valentine, a hopelessly romantic but comically unfortunate dance hall hostess in New York City. With a tuneful, groovy, mid-1960s score by Cy Coleman, sparkling lyrics by Dorothy Fields, and a hilarious book ...

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Auditions for But Why Bump Off Barnaby?, by Way Off Broadway Community Players

Dec. 16

Prodigal Barnaby is now the Late Barnaby! If the Butler didn’t do it, then who-? While Barnaby has motive to murder EVERYBODY, no one has reason to want HIM dead. And what do the letters  B  A  R scrawled by his dying hand mean? Murder is only one of this ...

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Auditions for Shining City, by Different Stages

Dec. 16 - Dec. 17

Ian has left the priesthood to become a therapist. John is one of his first clients. John's wife has been killed in a car accident, and he keeps receiving visits from her ghost. John, with Ian's help, starts to recover. But what begins as an unusual encounter becomes ...

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Auditions for Anna Catherine Iff, by City Theatre Company

Dec. 16 - Dec. 17

When Henry begins restoring an old abandoned house, his worldview is shaken by the arrival of the ghost of Anna Catherine, a Mormon pioneer.  Questioning her presence, and his own sanity, his search for answers leads him straight into the world of her living descendants and a romance that ...

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Auditions for The Vagina Monologues, by V-Day Austin

Dec. 17

The Vagina Monologues production is a collection of short, personal monologues pertaining to varying aspects of the feminine experience with underlying themes of gender expressing empowerment, and the ultimate embodiment of individuality.

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Auditions for Four Old Broads, by S.T.A.G.E. Bulverde

Dec. 29

Magnolia Place Assisted Living hasn’t been the same since the arrival of evil Nurse Jones.  Four of the residents don’t like it.  With the help of a retired gigolo Elvis impersonator, they are determined to figure out why residents are losing their memory and are moved to “the ...

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Auditions for Summer Musicals, by SummerStock Austin - High School and College Performers and Crew

Jan. 03 - Jan. 04 (2020)


CLASSICALHello DollySouth PacificCrazy for YouBye Bye BirdieCONTEMPORARYIn the HeightsNewsiesDreamgirlsYoung Frankenstein

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Auditions for Deathtrap, by Lakeway Players

Jan. 06 - Jan. 11 (2020)

Comfortably ensconced in his charming Connecticut home, Sidney Bruhl, a successful writer of Broadway thrillers, is struggling to overcome a dry spell which has resulted in a string of failures and a shortage of funds. A possible break in his fortunes occurs when he receives a script from a student ...

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Auditions for The McAdo

Feb. 01 - Feb. 02 (2020)


It’s the show you love, in a brand new setting! 

The Mikado has been moved to the highlands of Scotland and becomes The McAdo. Gilbert’s libretto and Sullivan’s score will be kept virtually intact, while the scenery and costumes will reflect the Scottish moors. It’s a farcical tale ...

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