The Duchess of Malfi
by Hidden Room Theatre

Sep. 27 - Oct. 20, 2019

Before the Gothic Horror of Stoker and Shelley, before the most curious corners of the minds of the Brothers Grimm, there was John Webster’s 1614 true crime tale of power, corruption, fate, and forbidden love - the Duchess of Malfi.

Considered one of the great revenge tragedies of all time and wildly popular in its day, Webster’s horror masterpiece will be brought back to life by the Hidden Room (Austin's current Cultural Ambassadors for Theatre) using period playing practices such as replicated candlelight for a Jacobean indoor playing space, live music, 1614-style garments (designed by the American Shakespeare Center’s Jenny McNee) and period makeup techniques. Most significantly, The Hidden Room will unveil their work on Renaissance Gesture Acting - the result of years of experimentation and research, as lead by the brilliant Dr. Farah Karim (head of Research and Education at Shakespeare Globe in London, and author of The Hand on the Shakespearean Stage.) After its Austin run, The Duchess of Malfi will bring this groundbreaking production to Shakespeare’s Globe Wanamaker Playhouse.


Andrew J. Friedenthal interviews director and dramaturg of The Duchess of Malfi,, October 3, 2019


(poster by Five and Four, Jennymarie Jemison)

Starring: Liz Beckham, Brock England, Judd Farris, Valoneecia Tolbert, Robert Matney, Todd Kassens, Ronan Melomo, Amber Quick, Jill Swanson, Kenah Benefield, Rommel Sulit, Nathan Jerkins, Ryan Crowder, Sadie Schaeffer

Director: Beth Burns

Stage Manager: Rachel Steed

Costume Design: Jenny McNee

Asst Costume Design: Star Maddox

Music Director: Howard Burkett

Dance Choreography: Kelly Hasandras

Fight Choreography: Toby Minor

Prop Master: Marco Noyola

Master of Art: Jennymarie Jemison

The Duchess of Malfi
by John Webster
Hidden Room Theatre

September 27 - October 20, 2019
Hidden Room Theatre
311 W. 7th Street
3rd floor, York Rite Masonic Temple
Austin, TX, 78701

FOUR WEEKENDS ONLY, Sept 27-October 20th, 2019
All Friday and Saturday shows at 8 PM  , all Sunday performances at 5 PM. 
Running time 140 minutes. 
Early bird pricing for first two weekends!


Special Industry Night Performance Thursday October 10th, 8 PM

York Rite Masonic Hall (we’ve got it for a while longer, hurray!)
311 W 7th Street, Austin TX. 78733

Tickets $20, $17 students, VIP $35 (reserved places and $5 concession ticket)

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