Performing Arts San Antonio (PASA)

The "Mission" of Performing Arts San Antonio is to create a "South Coast" within the entertainment community where professional projects, consistent with our "Heartland Values", can be developed, produced and marketed. Within the San Antonio and Central Texas area there is an abundance of talented individuals. However, to pursue their dreams they must leave for either the East or West coast in order to find sufficient opportunity to make a living and further develop their skills. An entertainment industry career raises many questions and part of PASA's outreach into the community will be continuing education for the parents of our talented youth apprising them of the realities, pitfalls and risks involved in their children pursuing their dreams.

PASA's Objective is to create a unique environment, a "HUB", where independent production opportunities of all kinds are created internally and benefit the region. This model will help keep revenue in Texas thereby creating a self-perpetuating vehicle for expanding the Central Texas entertainment infra-structure. The real world experience our students receive through these theatrical events, followed by film and broadcast projects created by the principles and affiliates of the company, will generate skills to enhance their personal character as well as prepare them for advancement within the broader theatrical and movie production industries. This foundation will ultimately cultivate a vibrant and creative atmosphere prolific enough for artists to make a living without leaving.  The combined professional entertainment production and training experience of the management of Performing Arts San Antonio enables the company to pursue these goals and in turn become a major independent supplier of quality entertainment projects.

A further objective is to create an environment, a creative community, to challenge the imagination of our youth. Many of our youth drop out of school due to their being bombarded by the difficulties of everyday life leaving them unable to imagine a brighter and more successful future.

It has been proven that active participation in "Arts Programs" effectively reduces drop-out rates among high school students. The confidence and communication skills at work in the performing arts involves the students in a dynamic activity based around effectively recognizing and verbalizing underlying emotions and the actions they motivate. We have encountered no less than four publications stating suggestions for reducing dropout rates that include the positive effect participation in the arts has on reducing those rates.

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