Happy Days
by Performing Arts San Antonio (PASA)

Mar. 21 (2015)

Happy Days is a musical with a book by Garry Marshall and music and lyrics by Paul Williams, based on the ABC TV series of the same name. The story is set in approximately during Season 4 of the original sitcom. The story concerns the kids' plans to save Arnold’s from demolition by hosting a dance contest and wrestling match.


auditions for HAPPY DAYS Musical March 21st , 3-6pm
Call to book your audition slot 210-557-1187

Runs: July 24 – Aug 9 Fri/Sat/Sun Shows

Director : Paul Tinder
Musical Director: Vaughn Taylor
Producer : Paul Tinder

Materials Needed: 
16-32 Bar cut from 50’s pop music
1 min Comedic Monologue


Arthur “The Fonz” Fonzerelli - The king of cool, sexy, funny and loaded with charisma, older than the other kids. In his late teens or early 20s. 

Richie Cunningham - High school student, Fonzie’s best friend, all American, honest, reliable. 

Pinky Tuscadero - Fonzie’s love interest, sexy, confident, tough and b a body to die for. Motorcycle daredevil. Same age as Fonzie.

Howard Cunningham - Richie’s dad, the quintessential mid-western head of household. A man in his 40’s.

Marion Cunningham - Richie’s mom, warm, naïve and wise. In her 40’s. 

Elvis - Elvis Presley circa late 50’s

Leopard Mac Gates - Howard’s Leopard Lodge brother

Jumpy Malachi - Other ½ of the Malachi brothers, filled with nervous energy, greaser type, in his 20’s

James Dean - the 1950’s movie icon

Charles “Chachi” Arcola - Fonzie’s cousin who tries to be just like him. Probably 15-16. Likes Joanie.

Ralph Malph - High school buddy of Richie’s. He is the class clown. 

Warren “Potsie” Webber - High school buddy of Richie’s, not very cool but tries hard to be. He is a bit of a nerd. 

Leopard Manny Moon - Howard’s Leopard Lodge brother and principal of the High School. 

Myron “Count” Malachi - ½ of Malachi brothers, Fonzie’s nemesis, greaser type, overly dramatic, in his 20’s