En Route Productions

En Route Productions brings us new, adapted, and devised moving art that reflects our common, bumbling, human journey in surprising ways,
and in unusual spaces.

En Route was created in 1993 by Lindsay Doleshal and Ryah Christensen to produce new work in unusual spaces around Austin. En Route performed in warehouses, galleries, bars, and yards for five years, ending their tenure with "Alice" (an adaptation of Alice In Wonderland) at The Victory Grill.  Upon graduation from the University of Texas, Ryah decided to focus on her visual art career, and Lindsay moved to Chicago to study at Second City.

Many moons later, after Chicago, New York, an MFA, and four years of running Present Company with Stephanie Carll,  Doleshal has resurrected En Route Productions to create new, adapted, and devised work that reflects our common, bumbling human journey in surprising and accessible ways.  As in the beginning, En Route is committed to performing in unusual spaces unique to Austin and it's surrounding community. En Route's family is composed of many players from all over the world, all of whom are dedicated to the craft of making moving magic with a sense of humor and wonder. 

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Rain Lily Farm
914 Shady Lane
Austin, TX, 78702