The Baron's Men

The Baron’s Men is a small, independently funded community theater dedicated to research of the Elizabethan theater and the performance of plays from that period. The troupe’s first production was a very brief version of Henry V that was performed for friends and other historical enthusiasts. That was followed by more ambitious endeavors: Much Ado About Nothing, also performed privately, and the present production of The Comedy of Errors, their first public performance. The Baron’s Men is fortunate to be allowed the use of The Curtain Theater, a replica of Shakespeare’s Globe, on the property of Mr. Richard Garriott.

Why are we called The Baron’s Men?

From time to time we do asked about our name and whether or not there are any women in our troupe. We do have women in our troupe. In fact, we frequently have more women than men in the troupe. So why the name? It’s simply an Elizabethan naming convention for theatrical companies. In that time, only men were allowed to perform on stage and theater companies needed the patronage of someone in upper classes in order to lend respectability to the troupe. Hence you had companies named “The Chamberlain’s Men”, “The Duke of Gloucester’s Men”, “The King’s Men” and so on. Our name grew out of our historical reenactment roots and we dubbed ourselves “The Baron’s Men” shortly after we formed.

What is our Vision/Mission?

The Baron’s Men’s vision is to be the foremost and most entertaining theater troupe in Texas dedicated to accurate  performance of historical plays.

The Baron’s Men’s mission is to make historically accurate theater accessible to the community.

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