Tales of Darkness
by The Baron's Men

Oct. 31 - Nov. 02

Journey with us as we travel through a gathering of dark tales pulled straight from theatrical history. Those attracted to dark matters of the soul will surely find something to tickle their fancy or fascinate their sense of the macabre. You will be guided into the darkness by some fiery, yet, illuminating devils as we pay homage to fiendish tales from another time. 

For one weekend only - A night of spooky tales drawn from Shakespeare, Marlowe, and Middleton.

Featuring the talents of…

Hooded Figure - Liegh Toland

Justine - Aleena Azhar

Sloth/Buckingham/Caius - Aaron Niemuth

Wrath/Husband/Valentine - Chris Casey

Covetousness/Henry/Publius - Edwin Wise

1st Witch/York/Edward - Eva McQuade

Envy/Alsermero/Chiron - Jared Walls

Faustus/Clarence/Wife/Lucius - Jennifer Fielding

Gluttony/Richard III/Titus - Julio Mella

2nd Witch/Beatrice/Maid/Maximus - Leanna Holmquist

Norse Witch/Banshee/Demetrius - Lindsay M. Palinsky

Lucifer/Son - Olaf Heins

Pride/Joan/Saturnius - Renee Osborn

3rd Witch/Lechery/Ghost of Anne/Tamora - Rylee Ross

Sea Hag/Lavinia - Shannon Gibson

Tales of Darkness
by The Baron's Men ensemble
The Baron's Men

October 31 - November 02, 2024
The Curtain Theatre
7400 Coldwater Canyon Dr.
Austin, TX, 78730

October 31 - November 2, 2024

The Curtain Theatre, Austin

Tickets via www.thebaronsmen.org