King Lear
by The Baron's Men

Oct. 04 - Oct. 26



Lear, King of England - Andy Bond

Goneril, his eldest daughter - Jacquelyn Lies

Regan, his middle daughter - Stephanie Crugnola

Cordelia, his younger daughter - Audrey Renkenberger

Earl of Gloucester, a statesman - Gene Storie

Edmund, his bastard son - Todd Jeffrey

Edgar, his legitimate son - Michael Pratt

Earl of Kent, a military man - Robert Deike

Fool, servant to Lear - Mac Gibson

Duke of Albany, husband to Goneril - Jimmie Bragdon

Duke of Cornwall, husband to Regan - Renee Osborn

Oswald, servant to Goneril - Shannon Gibson

Knight - Aaron Niemuth

King of France - Hector Rae Fox

Duke of Burgundy - Jennifer Fielding

Directed by Lindsay M. Palinsky, Stage Managed by Sophia Lynch, Assistant Director and Dramaturgy by Stephanie Crugnola, Costume Design by Dawn Allee, Music Direction by Josh Kavanaugh, and Violence Coordination by Jennifer Fielding.

King Lear
by William Shakespeare
The Baron's Men

October 04 - October 26, 2024
The Curtain Theatre
7400 Coldwater Canyon Dr.
Austin, TX, 78730

October 4 - 26, 2024

Curtain Theatre, Austin