Heartland Theatre Collective

 The Heartland Theatre Collective was founded by Nicole Oglesby and Marian Kansas in the summer of 2016. They met while earning Theatre & Dance degrees from The University of Texas at Austin. Realizing they had similar artistic tastes and values they decided to collaborate to produce a new play to be written by Nicole and directed by Marian. From this agreement came Dust, the Heartland Theatre Collective’s first production. After Dust’s successful run, Marian and Nicole decided to continue producing new work with the addition of new administrative and artistic collaborators, PJ Kelly and Katy Matz. 

Mission: The Heartland Theatre Collective tells rich, powerful stories of Texan women of the past, present, and future that features female artists working in Austin. Our plays are poetic, visceral, and revitalize sustainable theatre practices in our community. The Heartland Theatre Collective enriches the lives of Austin audiences and artists by creating simple yet theatrical performances that generate transformative moments for all who participate in and experience our plays.

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1103 Castle Court Street, Austin, TX  78703