The Vineyard
by Heartland Theatre Collective

Jun. 24 (2019)

The Vineyard is a daring, sensuous new play about a group of vagabonds living at a winery in Central Texas. Using fringe technology and science, they explore the boundaries of self-healing and transcendence. The Vineyard is a uniquely told, heartfelt story about falling in love and coming of age in a world filled with uncertainty and boundless scientific discovery.

The Heartland Theatre Collective produces new plays about Texan women from the past, present, and future. Critics have called the Heartland Theatre Collective’s work “thoughtful, pain-filled, and poetic” (Catherine Dribb, Central Texas Live Theatre) and a company that “promises to be an important voice in Austin theater in the years to come” (Andrew Friedenthal, the Austin-American Statesman). The Heartland Theatre Collective welcomes actors who are deeply collaborative, passionate, and eager to contribute to the development process of creating powerful, dynamic new work. For more information visit

June 24th, 2019, 6:30-9:30, The Dougherty Arts Center, Room 4W (by appointment)
Actors will be emailed monologues from the script to read during their audition appointment.
June 25th- 6:30-9:30, The Dougherty Arts Center, Room 2W
Actors will be asked to do cold readings from the script.
Compensation & Contract Details:
Non-union, paid stipend with additional bonus based on ticket sales.
To sign up for an audition appointment, please email your head shot and resume to with the subject, "The Vineyard Audition Request." You will be contacted within 24 hours with an audition time slot, should one be available.
For Questions:
Email Marian Kansas at
2M, 3F ages 20s-40s
Joan- 25-35. An archivist. Intelligent, opinionated, and practical. Suffers from treatment resistant physical and emotional pain until she finds surrender at the Vineyard.
Susanna- 21-35. A saint. Wild, creative, and sensual. The type of person who could make you believe in angels just by whispering in your ear.
Kevin- 28-45. A scientist. Deep, opinionated, and sometimes unfeeling. Believes he has found a technological solution to human suffering.
Leo- 21-35. A soldier. Grounded, kind, and gullible. The type of person who everyone loves in high school, but becomes a very sad adult.
Georgia- 25-40. A wanderer. Quiet with a fighting spirit. Toughened by living in a harsh world at what feels like the end of time.
Rehearsals will take place at the Dougherty Arts Center Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday evenings with weekend rehearsals as needed from September through October. Actors will be asked to provide scheduling conflicts at auditions.
Performances will be October 31st- November 9th, 2019 Thursday-Saturday nights at the Trinity Street Theatre.