Nothing and Everything: Improvised Chekhov Plays
by Hideout Theatre

Aug. 20 - Aug. 23, 2015

The Hideout Theatre presents Nothing and Everything: Improvised Anton Chekhov Plays at The Long Center for four evenings of boundary-pushing improvisational theatre. This 2014 sold-out sensation brought audiences to their feet and left theater-goers requesting it’s return. The original cast, featuring many of Austin’s most experienced improvisers, reunite to create brand new stories of idle, turn-of-the-century provincial Russian lives on The Rollins Stage for one weekend only.

Anton Chekhov, arguably the most celebrated playwright since Shakespeare, is known for his hundreds of short stories but cemented his reputation with four major plays written in his final decade: The Seagull, Uncle Vanya, Three Sisters, and The Cherry Orchard. Chekhov is highly regarded for launching theater into the 20th century by writing characters so rich they spark hours of conversation and debate among audiences. Yet, in spite of these accomplishments, readers and playgoers commonly remark that “nothing happens.”

Nothing and Everything will explore new Chekhovian worlds, in which nothing seems to happen except the timeless struggles of day-to-day life: love, fear, longing, suffering, happiness, and death. Starting with details provided by the audience, an estate of people with real hopes and fears will emerge into a full night of comedy and tragedy.

At its best – and Nothing and Everything earns the superlative – long-form improv can deliver insights about theatre itself.” – The Austin Chronicle

“Nothing is funnier than unhappiness.” – Samuel Beckett, Endgame


Questions? Call the 3M Box Office at (512) 474-LONG (5664), TTY (800) 735-2989.


Feature by Alexa Harrington in the Austin Chronicle, August 20, 2015

Nothing and Everything: Improvised Chekhov Plays
by Hideout Theatre ensemble
Hideout Theatre

August 20 - August 23, 2015
Rollins Theatre
Long Center
701 Riverside at South First,
Austin, TX, 78704
  • Thu, Aug. 20. 8:00 pm
  • Fri, Aug. 21, 8:00 pm
  • Sat, Aug. 22, 8:00 pm
  • Sun, Aug. 23, 6:00 pm

All Ages