Hideout Theatre

We are in the business of improvisational theatre. We make up all our comedy, plays, and sketches on the spot (unless otherwise noted). Short form, long form, Chicago-Style, NY-Style, CA-Style, Austin-Style - we do it all (especially Austin-Style, it’s our specialty).

We host and produce improv shows Thursday through Sunday. For some of the shows, we invite independent groups to perform (everything you see on Thursday night, for instance) and some of the shows we personally produce (everything you see on Saturday night, for instance).

Troupe - usually means a group of people who work together independently of any theater to create their own style and show. The troupes are usually made up of improvisers who have taken classes, here or elsewhere, and enjoy working and performing together. We have a one regularly performing troupe, Parallelogramophonograph (who perform every Friday at 10pm).

Show – usually means a produced production with a curated director, cast, and crew. A good example is our Saturday night 8pm Mainstage shows. Every Saturday at 8pm you can see a full-scale improvised production. This is the bread and butter of the work we do, so we definitely recommend you checking this out.

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Contact Information

(512) H-I-D-E-O-U-T

Hideout Theatre
617 Congress Avenue
Austin, TX, 78701