It's a Wonderful Vida
by Teatro Audaz

Dec. 07 - Dec. 17, 2023

 It’s a Wonderful Vida by Herbert Siguenza take s a darkly satirical look at Mexican-Americans during Christmas in 1957. Set in Corpus Christi, the play examines an immigrant family trying to assimilate and achieve the American dream that seems as fake as Santa Claus. Then, the Pacheco family gets an unexpected visit from Mexico that turns their whole world upside down.

While there are a few similarities between the play “It’s a Wonderful Vida” and the film It’s a Wonderful Life, this play is not an adaptation. Instead of an angel earning his wings, Nick (Rey Valdez) tries to earn his Santa hat. Highlights include the various family dynamics, romance…and food.

Directed by Nora Moreno-Jarrell

(via Teatro Audaz)
🌟 Cast of Characters 🌟 

Michiko Villa as Alice
Ruby Ruiz as Aurelia
Miranda Valdez-Williams as Elena
Rey Valdez as Nick
Esai Gomez as Jimmy
Jai Gonzalez-Quintero as Pancho
Mason Anthony Ortiz as Joe 



It's a Wonderful Vida
by Herbert Siguenza
Teatro Audaz

December 07 - December 17, 2023
McCreless Theatre at San Antonio College
1300 San Pedro Avenue
San Antonio, TX, 78212

(via Teatro Audaz)


Dec. 7 to Dec. 17, 2023
Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays at 7:30 p.m.
Sundays at 5:30 p.m.

McCreless Theater, 799 W. Dewey Place, San Antonio

Playwright Herbert Siguenza will host a plática with audience and actors after the performance on Saturday, Dec. 9