The Gulf
by Street Corner Arts

Dec. 02 - Dec. 17

The divide between Kendra and Betty mimics the very world that devours them: a vast and polarizing abyss. On a quiet summer evening, somewhere down in the Alabama Delta, Kendra and Betty troll the flats looking for red fish.  After Betty begins diagnosing Kendra’s dead-end life with career picks from What Color is Your Parachute, their routine fishing excursion takes a turn. 

Lammy-Award-winning Southern drama. 

Featuring Natalie Garcia and Kelsey Mazak.

Directed by Carlos Lorenzo Garcia.

The Gulf
by Audrey Cephaly
Street Corner Arts

December 02 - December 17, 2022
Hyde Park Theatre
511 West 43rd Street
Austin, TX, 78751

December 9 - 17, 2022 at 8 p.m. (Thursdays - Saturdays)

Hyde Park Theatre, Austin

General admission $25; students and seniors, $20

Tickets available HERE.