by Andrea Ariel Dance Theatre

Jun. 13 - Jun. 16, 2019

Award-winning choreographer Andrea Ariel and her collaborators present a new production in June at the Emma S. Barrientos Mexican American Cultural Center. “RALLY” explores our personal perspectives and collective experiences as the multidisciplinary artists/performers ask what drives our passions individually and socially in local and global communities to rise up, unite and rally.

This new work aims to resonate with our current times, examining the catalysts for action and change. The performance combines choreographed dance with live, original music composed by Austin favorite Andrew Nolte. The audience is invited to take a deep dive physically, musically, and visually as each performance takes its own unique shape via a directed improvisation technique called Soundpainting, an ensemble conducting language used to compose dance and live music in the moment. No two shows are the same.

“When you look at the world around you through the lens of what change you want to see and what is preventing you from exercising your personal super powers, you get a lot of clarity around your passions and values” Ariel says. “This piece, RALLY, was born from the artists and community members sharing stories of great joy and exhilaration, as well as helplessness and defeat. In an effort to address how we can affect change in the world, how do our family and social rituals and our shared sense of space unite us, transform us, and empower us?

“RALLY” features an original score by Nolte, of Super Creeps, The Damned Torpedoes, Derrick Davis Band and about a dozen other musical groups. During RALLY, live music, both original pieces and covers of beloved protest songs, will be performed by Nolte (vocals, guitar, keys) with Claude McCan; (vocals, keys, electronics), Jason DeCuir (bass), and Garry Franklin (drums). The choreography by Ariel has been created in collaboration with performers Jun Shen (Sunny), Sandie Donzica, Ciceley Fullylove, and Rebecca McLindon. Andrea Ariel will conduct each performance’s Soundpainting composition.

About Soundpainting


Soundpainting is a “live composing” sign language that leads improvised performances for musicians, actors, dancers, visual and media artists. Created in the ’70s, Soundpainting uses over 1500 gestures to spontaneously guide, shape and remix material in real time. Now practiced widely across Europe in both professional and educational circles, AADT is the only company in this region working with this form. Because Soundpainting is improvisational in nature, no two shows are ever the same. As a Certified Multi-disciplinary Soundpainter and Educator, Andrea Ariel is well respected for her innovations with the form. She has worked with originator, Walter Thompson, since 1998 and was an instrumental part of the early development years at Think Tanks in Woodstock, NY from 1999-2005.


by Ariel Dance Company
Andrea Ariel Dance Theatre

June 13 - June 16, 2019
Emma S. Barrientos Mexican American Cultural Center
600 River Street
Austin, TX, 78701

One weekend only.