The Afterparty
by Shrewd Productions

Jun. 15 - Jun. 30, 2018

 There's a party at the end of the universe, and all you need to get in is a kiss...

Claire Leverrier, a poet haunted by the death of her childhood crush, reveals the secrets of the universe using a bicycle light and puppets. “The Afterparty” is a romance. Or is it a metaphor? Either way, Claire might never recover once a star steps down from the sky and invites her to a party.

The first production in this rolling world premiere by Reina Hardy (Stars and Barmen, Changelings, Agent Andromeda) is directed by Liz Fisher (Deus Ex Machina) with dramaturgy by James Fleming and features a cast including Shannon Grounds, Ja'Michael Darnell, Rommel Sulit, Valoneecia Tolbert, and Trey Deason, with set design by Ann Marie Gordon, lighting design by Patrick Anthony, media design by Andrew McIntyre, costume design by Monica Pasut, sound design by Nick Hart, production management by Melinda Parr, stage management by Michael Logue, and production assistance by Kaycee Swierc. 


Trey Deason,, Ja'Michael Darnell, Shannon Grounds, Rommel Sulit, Valoneecia Tolbert. (photo by Errich Petersen, makeup by Amelia Turner)

The Afterparty
by Reina Hardy
Shrewd Productions

June 15 - June 30, 2018
The Vortex
2307 Manor Road
Austin, TX, 78722

More forthcoming from the Vortex Repertory, Austin. (August 11, 2017)



Trey Deason, Rommel Sulit,  Veronicia Tolbert. (Photo by Errich Petersen)