A Christmas Carol, one-actor, by Bernadette Nason
by Shrewd Productions

Dec. 14, 2023

Award-winning actress/storyteller BERNADETTE NASON reprises her role as EVERYONE in this critically-acclaimed one-woman version of Charles Dickens' A CHRISTMAS CAROL, bringing
vivid life to more than 30 characters for one night only, at Hyde Park Theatre!
A CHRISTMAS CAROL has retained its place as a Christmas classic for over 150 years. Charles Dickens streamlined A CHRISTMAS CAROL to make it appropriate for his own readings. This version uses the text (almost entirely) from Charles Dickens' own abridged version of his tale.
Winner: “Memorable Solo Performance” 2010 (CTX Live Theatre)
Nominated: “Best Actress/Comedy” and “Best Production/Comedy” 2010 (Payne Awards) 
"Now this is a one-woman show. And Nason does portray all the characters. But stating these facts doesn't fully connect to the statement that Nason is A CHRISTMAS CAROL: narrator, characters, beginning, middle, drama, humor, end, and all..."
Austin Chronicle, December 2009 
"We kid you not. This is the Carol to see."
Austin Chronicle, December 2010
"This one-woman-show version of the Dickens classic, brought to you by Bernadette Nason at the City Theatre, will send shivers of goodness down your spine while it warms the cockles of your solstice heart. Recommended."
Austin Chronicle, December 2011
"Bernadette (Nason) delivers Dickens' quick-moving vivid text with crisp assurance and deft, economical mime. No exaggerations or mugging here; a shift of the shoulders, a roughening of the voice, a glint in the eye and she creates Ebenezer Scrooge in our minds, not in pantomime on the stage. Hers is the opposite of a bravado performance. She invites us into the fable, sketches the characters, and articulates the text with precision and relish... They're all here -- skinflint Scrooge, meek Bob Cratchit, Scrooge's bounding nephew Fred, the two quite distinct old gentlemen soliciting charity, each of the Crachit children, three spirits of Christmas and a goodly crowd of others..."
Austin Live Theatre, December 2010
"Bernadette Nason's one-woman show sees her take up the role of a master storyteller whose narration is very close to the soul of the original work...A CHRISTMAS CAROL has a number of characters with diverse personalities making it very difficult subject for a monologue. On the contrary, Nason actually manages to bring life to over 30 characters, and goes on to give each character a unique voice and facial expression..."
Austin Post, December 2010

A Christmas Carol, one-actor, by Bernadette Nason
by Charles Dickens, interpreted by Bernadette Nason
Shrewd Productions

December 14, 2023
Hyde Park Theatre
511 West 43rd Street
Austin, TX, 78751

Thursday, December 14, 2023

Hyde Park Theatre

Tickets: $15 - $25 at www.shrewdproductions.org