The Green Room
by Roxie Theatre Company

Jun. 08 - Jun. 17, 2018

In The Green Room: The College Musical, we get a sneak peek into the world that very few outside the theater get to see; a shadow box into the trials and tribulation of becoming an actor in college. This musical brings to life what happens inside the four walls of St. Gustav's College theatre departments backstage green room. We follow the hopes, passions, and dreams of four theatre majors: Anna (the princess), John (the theatre jock), Divonne (the diva), and Cliff (the nerd). In this pop musical, they discover themselves, build lifelong friendships, and pursue their theatre aspirations! 

The Green Room
by Chuck Pelletier, C. Cameron Foster, Rod Damer
Roxie Theatre Company

June 08 - June 17, 2018
Roxie Theatre
7460 Callaghan Road
Suite 333
San Antonio, TX, 78229

Dates estimated; announced for June 2018. (June 16, 2018)