Gen and Mabel
by Jump-Start Performance Company

May. 31 - Jun. 09, 2018

"Gen and Mabel," is about two women who like each other. A whole lot. So why can’t this relationship seem to get off the ground? As they try to shortcut their way to intimacy by baring their souls, they break each other’s hearts repeatedly in tiny, devastating ways – and then come back together. A story about trust, lust, and the quest for connection."

Starring Alyson Lopez as Gen, Catherine Carlisle as Mabel, and Sam Weeks as James. 

Gen and Mabel
by Leta Tremblay
Jump-Start Performance Company

May 31 - June 09, 2018
Jump-Start Performance Company
710 Frederickburg Rd
San Antonio, TX, 78201

May 31, June 1, 2, 8, 9, 2018 @ 8 pm.
Jump-Start Performance Theater
710 Fredericksburg, San Antonio, TX 78201
$12, $10 Student/Military/Senior/ SATCO Members