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Review: Stranger by Jump-Start Performance Company

Review: Stranger by Jump-Start Performance Company

by Hannah Bisewski
Published on November 21, 2011

not only did half the actors travel from Slovakia to collaborate with performers who didn’t speak a word of Slovakian, but all of the performers from Europe had some degree of mental handicap. the understanding of our need to embrace the “strangers” of our societies and ourselves became urgent.

The Salvage Vanguard Theatre played host this past weekend to a single performance in Austin by two acting troupes from very different corners of the world.  San Antonio’s Jump-Start Performance Company spent the last five weeks in intensive collaboration with a troupe known as Divadlo z Pasáže, or “Theatre from the Passage” from, of all places, the Slovak Republic.  The product of this challenging and exceptional cooperation was Stranger, a heavily allegorical and visually stunning telling of …

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