The Imaginators
by Austin Playhouse

Apr. 15 - Apr. 22, 2017

The play tells the story of a brother and sister, Tim and Anne, who have just moved to a new town. Tim loves to play games and make up stories. However, Anne refuses to play with him, fearing that someone from their new school or, even worse, their neighbor Nina, will make fun of her. When Nina comes over, she takes Tim and Anne on a make-believe adventure using only boxes and whatever they can find in the garage to create their imaginary world. Eventually, by learning their own strengths, working as a team, and using the unlimited power of their imaginations, they escape the child eating monster, Mooklecratz. 

The Imaginators
by Dwayne Hartford
Austin Playhouse

April 15 - April 22, 2017
Austin Playhouse
6001 Airport Boulevard
Austin, TX, 78752

Public performances on Saturday, April 15 & 22 at 2PM

FREE but reservations are highly recommended!

For tickets & more information, call 512-476-0084 or Click Here!


The Imaginators is also available for schools and camps throughout Central Texas.

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