Aye, No!
by Teatro Audaz

Sep. 24, 2016

Aye, No! is sure to touch audiences of all ages. the action takes place in a small border town where young Alicia comes home from college with a “friend” for her family to meet. The trouble begins when her loving grandma and well-intentioned yet nosey aunts assume that Alicia is bringing home a boyfriend or fiancé. Alicia, wanting her family’s acceptance and fearing ancient Mexican magic, turns to her three fairy-drag-queen friends for guidance.

Featuring the Juniors of RLE


Stage Manager: AnaLisa Leos-Garcia
August 10, 2018 - August 26, 2018

Alicia - Miranda Gonzaba Torres

Kika - Jaime Gonzalez Quintero Trevi

Mague - Paula Rodriguez

Maria - Brizzo Torres

Cathy - Karlyn Buchaus 

Joe- Ivan A. Ortega

Featuring the Juniors

Zereda - Louie Canales

Starkisha - Aaron Tapia

Starlinda - Christian Paolo

You won't want to miss this production!

Aye, No!
by Liz Coronado Castillo
Teatro Audaz

September 24, 2016
Bang Bang Bar
119 El Mio Drive
San Antonio, TX, 78216

7 p.m. at the Bang Bang Bar, San Antronio