The School for Scandal
by Classic Theatre of San Antonio

Nov. 04 - Nov. 27, 2016

(poster: Classic Theatre)School for Scandal is a play obsessed by wit, fashion, celebrity and reputation, and whose central theme is hypocrisy. Does that ring any contemporary bells?"-D. Warner


Acts of outrageous misconduct have always been with us. Today we have BuzzFeed, TMZ, and Facebook to give us all the latest scandals, but even in the 1700’s, gossip was a hot commodity. And what’s wrong with a little rumor? Does your reputation really matter? In this updated comedy of manners, we delve into a social network of outrageous gossip and lustful deceit. A long lost uncle, Sir Oliver, returns home in disguise to examine the true nature of his nephews, only to find his dear friend Peter Teazle in marital anguish, being persecuted by a malicious team of fools and scandal-mongers. What's a man to do? San Antonio favorites John O’Neill and Christi Eanes take the stage.


"We revive old plays because we think they may have something to say to us now.  The School for Scandal is a play obsessed by wit, fashion, celebrity and reputation, and whose central theme is hypocrisy. Does that ring any contemporary bells?" Deborah Warner, Director, Barbican Theatre.

Directed by Diane Malone

lead image: Samantha Robison, Zachary Lewis (photo: Classic Theatre)


Samantha Robinson, John O'Neil (photo by Siggi Ragnar)


Lady Sneerwell - Christi Eanes 
Lady Teazle -Samantha Robison 
Mrs. Candour -Alexa McLatcher 
Maria/Careless -Bekka Broyles 
Sir Peter -John O’Neill 
Sir Joseph -Zach Lewis
Rowley -Chad Thompson 
Sir Oliver -Greg Hinojosa
Charles -Michael Holley 
Crabtree -Richard Solis
Backbite -Steven Starr 
Moses -Gabriel Sanchez 
Snake/Trip/Miss Verjuice - Holly Clifford



The School for Scandal
by Richard Brinsley Sheridan
Classic Theatre of San Antonio

November 04 - November 27, 2016
Classic Theatre of San Antonio
1924 Fredericksburg Road
San Antonio, TX, 78201

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Opening Night- November 4, 2016. Please join us for a complimentary opening night champagne reception.

Community Conversations with Classic- November 20, 2016, following the 3:00p Sunday performance: How do modern-day scandals connect with this classic play? Join us and be a part of the discussion.



Zach Lewis, Christy Briskey Eames (photo by Siggi Ragnar)


Fridays and Saturdays at 8 pm
Sundays at 3 pm

1924 Fredericksburg Rd, San Antonio, Texas, 78201

-General Admission: $25

-Senior / Military / Educator: $20

-Student: $10

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