Psycho Beach Party
by City Theatre Company

Jun. 27 - Jul. 13, 2014

Sand. Sun. Surfboards. Boys. Bikinis. Beaches. It's a party! A "Psycho Beach Party!" And laughs. Don't forget the laughs. The City Theatre Company has plenty in their production of the Charles Busch high camp comedy playing June 27 through July 13 at City Theatre. 

Surf’s up as Psycho Beach Party hangs ten this summer! Playwright, actor, director, and drag queen legend Charles Busch mashes up Gidget beach party surfer films, Hitchcock suspense thrillers, and a little Mommie Dearest into an outrageously campy, gender-bending comedy. See. There’s this girl, the sweet, nerdy Chicklet Forrest desperately wanting to be in the cool crowd on Malibu Beach, circa 1962. But even if Chicklet can't quite fit in, surely one of her several personalities will! Wait, what? When her most dangerous alter ego goes rogue, with nothing less than world domination on her mind, Chicklet and friends are in for some rough waters. Will Kanaka the Surf King accept her? Can Star Cat, Marvel Ann, and the rest rein her in? Come hit the beach with these hilarious kids looking for some naughty fun in the sun.

Join us for the Beach Party Party after the show each Friday night. Beachwear recommended!

Psycho Beach Party
by Charles Busch
City Theatre Company

June 27 - July 13, 2014
City Theatre
3823 Airport Boulevard
Austin, TX, 78722

Thursday - Saturday 8:00 pm. Sunday 5:30 pm. 
For mature audiences. Beach Party Party after the show each Friday night. Beachwear recommended!
Tickets $15. Guaranteed Front/2nd Row Reserved $25. 
Students $12. Thursday all seats $10. Group discounts are available. 
Reservations 512-524-2870 or