by Paper Chairs

Jul. 23 - Aug. 08, 2015

a new play by paper chairs co-founder and local playwright Elizabeth Doss that explores a nuclear family born of World War II as it blows apart over the globe.
(paper chairs)

On an Air Force base outside Abilene, TX, Anne, a rancher's daugher, and Walter, a globe-trotting journalist, conceive a child in the heat of wartime frenzy. The two recklessly elope to the Trujillo-oppressed Dominican Republic and face the edges and ends of themselves. Based on the legacy of Doss's own mid-century Texan relatives, MAST is a photograph that spans the decades of Anne and Walter's estranged lives, un-posed, only half-exposed and lost at sea.
Production: paper chairs
Text: Elizabeth Doss
Direction: Diana Lynn Small
Scenic design: Lisa Laratta
Lighting design: Natalie George
Costume design: Mercedes O'Bannion
Music: Mark Stewart
Projections: Wiley Wiggins
Featuring: Katie Bender, Jesse Bertron, Florinda Bryant, Noel Gaulin and Patrick Shaw
Poster by Lisa Laratta
Feature by Jeanne Claire van Ryzan in the Austin Statesman


by Elizabeth Doss
Paper Chairs

July 23 - August 08, 2015
Salvage Vanguard Theater
2803 E Manor Rd
Austin, TX, 78722

Thursdays - Sundays at 8 p.m.

$15-$25 sliding scale general admission
ticket link, facebook, & more - coming soon! 
or call 512-686-6621