Great Gold Bird, Great Dark Yawn, a wanderplay
by Twin Alchemy Collective

May. 01 - May. 31, 2015
All week

A dark shape, a wooded clearing, a disappearing ship.  

A tin cup whistling on a string. Rabbits gathered in a torn dress: Twin Alchemy Collective presents GREAT GOLD BIRD, GREAT DARK YAWN (a wanderplay by Katie Green). Experience a multimedia, site-specific theatre piece/alternate reality game, inspired by classic point-and-click adventure games. You will travel to mystery locations all over Austin to find objects such as letters, photographs, home movies, and time capsules to uncover the narrative alone or in a group, on your own time (within the month of May). It should be completed in 4-5.5 hours, but can (and should) be spread out over the course of a week or a month. Smart phone required (iphone and android). To purchase a ticket and begin your experience, visit our website:

Written/Directed: Katie Green
Music/Sound Design: Shawn Jones
Programming: Jesse Barksdale
Artwork: Derek Van Gieson
Narration: Timothy Englert, Kristin DeGroot, Sara Billeaux


Great Gold Bird, Great Dark Yawn, a wanderplay
by Katie Green
Twin Alchemy Collective

All week,
May 01 - May 31, 2015
Austin (various)
more than one venue
Austin, TX, 78700

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An alternate reality game inspired by  point-and-click games such as Myst and Kentucky Route Zero: a site-specific, narrative-driven, wander play happening in different locations all over Austin over the course of a month, on a person's own time, with a video game companion available to download on your smart phone to act as your guide throughout the city.