The Society for Hard Determinists
by Twin Alchemy Collective

Oct. 17 - Nov. 02, 2014

An existential haunted house featuring nihilism, initiation rituals, self-help, and bad public access television

The Society for Hard Determinists invites you to become its newest member. Allow us to unburden you from the yoke of choice. Come discover how much freedom there is in letting go of the hardship of voluntary decision. We'll show you how to destroy your ego, and unlock your maximum potential. We think you'll really enjoy the transformational journey we're going to take you on!

Conceived, designed, and co-directed by Katie Green
Co-directed by Paul Markert
Original score and muzak by Shawn Jones
Center for Re-Education multimedia installation by Bill Baird
A/V and Technical Director: Brian Stewart
Chaos/Order: Danielle Bondurant
Senior Society Members: Ben Howell, Katie Green, Shawn Jones, Jacquelyn Lies, Sean Moran, Brian Stewart

Special thanks to The Museum of Human Achievement and The City of Austin for helping produce this.

The Society for Hard Determinists
Twin Alchemy Collective

October 17 - November 02, 2014
Museum of Human Achievement
3600 Lyons Road
Austin, TX, 78702

Oct 17 & 19, 8PM
Oct 24-26, 8PM
Oct 31 - Nov 2, 8PM