Blackfriars x Southwest
by The Baron's Men

Apr. 08 - Apr. 10, 2016

Sad to see SXSW go?  We are brining a new take on it to the Curtain on April 8-10.  The Baron's Men is partnering with the American Shakespeare Center to bring an extension of their biennial conference, Blackfriars, to Austin as Blackfriars x Southwest.  

We will join those who teach Shakespeare and those who produce his plays to explore the connections between Scholarship and Practice. Attend The Baron's Men's Richard III and enjoy papers in plenary sessions (bear-supervised for brevity). The conference will feature a keynote address by Ralph Alan Cohen and over 40 papers exploring the theme "Performing Histories", all in the beautiful Elizabethan-style Curtain Theatre in Austin, Texas.  

Join other lovers of historic theater to explore topics like "How many children had Lady Macbeth?" and "Heads Will Role." An Auditor Pass is $100, and Listener Pass is $50.

Preliminary Schedule (subject to change):
Friday, April 8
5:00 pm Conference Opens and Welcome 
5:15 pm Keynote (Ralph Alan Cohen)
6:15 pm Reception (food truck also available)
8:00 pm Richard III, The Baron's Men, directed by Joseph Falocco
Saturday, April 9
9:00 am Session I (6 papers)
10:30 am Session II (6 papers)
11:45 Lunch break (food truck(s) available)
1:00 pm Session III (6 papers)
2:30 pm Special Staging session
3:30 pm Session IV (6 papers)
5:00 pm Special Session: Audience in Early Modern Spaces
6:15 pm Break for day
Sunday, April 10
9:00 am Session V (6 papers)
10:30 am Special Staging Session
11:30 am Session VI (6 Papers)
12:45 pm Concluding remarks
I.1Mr. Richard Sasso 
Did Shakespeare Really Write Shakespeare?

I.2Ms Molly Harper
Stick It to Your Et Cetera

I.3Megan Snell
The King vs. the Women

I.4Dr Henry Davis McHenry
A DELICATE STRATAGEM: The Audience as Commonwealth
I.5Mrs Julia Nelson
Interaction Design: Encouraging Audience Participation in Henry IV Part 2

I.6Dr. Stephen Zinkgraf
Quantifying the Unquantifiable

II.1Brittany LaPole

II.2Mr. Justin Guidroz
Serialized Shakespeare
II.3Ms Catie Choate
When Shall We Three Meet Again: The Evolution of Macbeth's Weird Sisters in Production
II.4Ms. Jennifer Rose Davis
A Studied Grace: Restoration Gesture and Movement in the Hidden Room Theater's performance of Nahum Tate's 1681 The History of King Lear.

II.5Elizabeth Tavares
"Help! Help! I'm being repressed!": Triptych Blocking and the Queen's Men Repertoire

III.1Dr. Garry Walton
"How many children had Lady Macbeth?" - finding an answer on stage

III.2Heidi Cephus
Unexpected Healers in The Winter's Tale

III.3David Loehr
The Crown and the Stage: Theatrical References in Richard III and Henry IV

III.4Samantha Dressel
"What a January lip": Performed Androgyny and Chastity in The Fatal Contract

III.5Bob Jones
Towards a Jonsonian "Original Practice": Volpone at the ASC

III.6Dr. Dustin Gish
Imagining Political Alternatives in "Richard II"
IV.1Tyler Dukes & Zachary Perdieu and Jay Dozier
A "Bitch-Wolf's Son": Thersites and Monstrosity in Shakespeare's Troilus and Cressida

IV.2Ms. Molly Seremet
Of Doubtful Value: Scam(el)ing Caliban's Native Tongue

IV.3Dr. William Rampone
The Phantasmic Phallus in 1 Henry IV

IV.4Stephanie Donowho
Follow the Female in Shakespeare's Histories

IV.5Dr. Christina Gutierrez-Dennehy
"Be Like a King: Constructing Female Kingship in Henry V

IV.6Dr. Catherine Loomis
"Wet my cheeks with artificial tears": Weeping Men in Shakespeare's History Plays

SSKatherine Mayberry
Performing in the Curtain and the Rose: An Actors' Panel Discussion

V.1Ms. Melinda Marks
Heads Will Role - Examining the Onstage Presence of Severed Heads in 2H6

V.2Dr. Charles Ney
Historical Perspectives: The First American Shakespeare Directors

V.3Hubert Woodson
"It is most lamentable to behold": Performing Platonic Epistemology, the Death of Falstaff, and the Maturation of Prince Hal in three Henry Plays

V.4Dr. Bill Gelber
He That Plays the King--and the Fool: Exploring Characterization through Johnstone's Status Exercises

V.5Deb Streusand 
Altering Performance Traditions in Shakespeare's Histories

V.6Kevin T. Gates
Roses Grow on Thorns: Female Agency in Arden of Faversham.


Blackfriars x Southwest
by various artists
The Baron's Men

April 08 - April 10, 2016
The Curtain Theatre
7400 Coldwater Canyon Dr.
Austin, TX, 78730
Presenter Registration $150
Includes admission Friday through Sunday, two mixers, and a ticket to Friday night's performance of 'Richard III'.
Auditor Registration (Early Bird) $100
Includes admission Friday through Sunday, two mixers, and a ticket to Friday night's performance of 'Richard III'.
Listener Pass $50
Includes admission Saturday only; does not include mixers or 'Richard III' ticket.