8 x 8 Cabaret du Jump
by Jump-Start Performance Company

Mar. 25 - Apr. 02, 2016

8X8 is theatre for short attention spans!

Jump-Start will present eight 8-minute performances in an 8-foot cube.  At 8 pm.  For 8 dollars.  

Each evening brings a different line-up of dancers, poets, performance artists, monologists, musicians, and - well, anything goes!  As long as the "8" limits are respected!  Performances may or may not contain sensitive material.

Jump-Start company members and favorite guests are currently practicing and polishing their petite presentations.  Come see! 

8 x 8 Cabaret du Jump
by various artists
Jump-Start Performance Company

March 25 - April 02, 2016
Jump-Start Performance Company
710 Frederickburg Rd
San Antonio, TX, 78201

Jump-Start Performance Company, Fridays and Saturdays at 8 p.m.

710 Fredericksburg Road at Ashby Place, San Antonio, Texas, 78210 

Tickets: All tickets are $8 Purchase online: www.goo.gl/SlzCUy 

Our Website: www.jump-start.org 

Contact/More Information: Call us at 210-227-JUMP (5867).