Playhouse Creatures
by Sam Bass Theatre Association

Sep. 15 - Oct. 02, 2022

The play, set in 1669 at the King’s Company playhouse, is a fictionalized account of these women’s experience within Restoration theatre. The plot follows all five of these women as they navigate the world of theatre.

Nell Gwyn begins as a server at the “Cock and Pie,” then promotes herself to orange seller in the playhouse, until finally she becomes not just an actress, but the most famous Restoration actress in history.

Elizabeth Farley begins preaching the Bible on the streets of London, only to find out that the playhouse is looking for a new actress. Elizabeth auditions and successfully joins the King’s Company.

Rebecca Marshall is a young actress at the King’s and over the course of the play, she has an affair with the Earl of Oxford, which eventually leads to her demise.

Mary Betterton is the lead actress at the King’s, she is a seasoned and excellent performer. However, she is getting older. By the end of the play, she is forced to leave the playhouse and give up her former leading parts to the young actresses.

Finally, Doll Common. Doll has been with the playhouse before it was a playhouse, and she is truly the only one who remains with the playhouse until long after all of the other women have gone.

“what will we say?”

“anything. now WE can say anything.”

Directed by Marcus Speed


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Playhouse Creatures
by April De Angelis
Sam Bass Theatre Association

September 15 - October 02, 2022
Sam Bass Community Theatre
600 North Lee Street
Round Rock, TX, 78664

(via Sam Bass Theatre)September 15 - October 2, 2022

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