Between the Outlaw and the Rock
by Sam Bass Theatre Association

Feb. 16 - Feb. 25

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Between the Outlaw and the Rock stands the law.  In the years following the Civil War, Texas

Rangers and local sheriffs stood together to protect the peaceful town of Round Rock from Sam Bass and his gang.  Not an easy task with cowboys swarming the town at the round rock

crossing along the Chisholm Trail and speculators arriving at the new train station. Texas Ranger Major John B. Jones leads the troops in the Sam Bass War, supported by Round Rock Deputy Sheriff A. W. Grimes and thwarted by the Mysterious Hairy Man, identical twins who disagree with each other on just about everything and Miz Ettie’s crusade to close the saloons and get women the vote.  Add a search for buried treasure and there’s plenty of action and reaction when Sam and his gang show up to rob the Round Rock bank.  How much of this story is true and how much Texas Tall Tale is up to you to decide!

Between the Outlaw and the Rock...


Written and directed by Peg Patrone 



Between the Outlaw and the Rock
by Peg Padrone
Sam Bass Theatre Association

February 16 - February 25, 2024
Sam Bass Community Theatre
600 North Lee Street
Round Rock, TX, 78664

Performances Fri/Sat/Sun 2/16-2/25, 2024 and Thurs 2/22

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(via Sam Bass)