by TILT Performance Group

Oct. 17, 2020

TILT Performance Group proudly presents GRATITUNES, an original concert created by the company and Artistic Director, Adam Roberts.

Even amidst the throes and tribulations of our uncertain world, TILT has much to be grateful for. Join us for a one-of-a-kind virtual concert experience, featuring original songs of gratitude written and performed by our very own company members. With its eclectic array of styles and themes, GRATITUNES is a new kind of concept album!


Directed by Adam Roberts


Toby Al-Trabulsi

Claudia Chibib

David Dauber

Dayanara Garcia

Kaye Love

Jessica Michallick

Nano Boye Nagle

Quinn Reich

Heather Ross

Brandi Ware

by Adam Roberts and ensemble
TILT Performance Group

October 17, 2020
via internet
Everywhere, TX, 78700


GRATITUNES premieres October 17th at 7 pm CST on . In lieu of traditional tickets, a $20 per-person contribution (payable during the premiere) is encouraged when possible. GRATITUNES will be available to stream online at through October 25th.

TILT is on a mission to shatter stereotypes about disability through theatrical performance. For more information, visit or follow TILT on Facebook and Instagram @tiltperformance.