by The Baron's Men

Jul. 11, 2020

Lysistrata, written by Aristophanes more than 2000 years ago, is one of the best and earliest theatrical portrayals of the battle between the sexes. Set in Athens at the time of the Peloponnesian War, this raunchy political comedy shows to what great lengths the women of Greece are willing to go in order to end hostilities between the cities of Athens and Sparta. The titular heroine and her band of lusty ladies overtake the Acropolis and solemnly (and somewhat reluctantly) vow to withhold all marital pleasures from their war-like menfolk until peace is declared. The action comes to a head the when the women’s stiff resolve stiffens the men themselves, thrusting the play towards its climax. The Baron’s Men are proud to present a reprise of this steamy and hilarious production that keeps audiences coming back millennium after millennium.

by Aristophanes
The Baron's Men

July 11, 2020
via internet
Everywhere, TX, 78700

The Baron's Men proudly presents an on-line  reprise of Lysistrata, one of the best and earliest theatrical portrayals of the battle between the sexes. Lysistrata was originally performed by The Baron's Men in 2014, so if you missed it back then, now is your chance to see it.  We will be performing it live virtually on July 11 at 7pm CT.  We are requesting a minimum donation of $5, but Lysistrata and her ladies are never ones to turn down an ample purse. All funds raised will go towards towards future production needs.

Don't miss out on this steamy and entertaining good time!



  • Lysistrata – Liegh Toland*
  • Calonice – Jacquelyn Lies*
  • Myrrhine – Joanna Casey*
  • Lampito/Peace – Lindsay M. Palinsky*
  • Cinesias – Casey Jones*
  • Magistrate – Chris Casey*
  • Chorus Leader (Women) – Laura Trezise*
  • Chorus 1 (Women) – Victoria Kelly*
  • Chorus 2 (Women) – Renee Osborn*
  • Chorus 3 (Women) – Leanna Holmquist*
  • Chorus Leader (Men) – Michael Osborn*
  • Chorus 1 (Men) – Robert Deike*
  • Chorus 2 (Men) – Nick Gollihugh*
  • Chorus 3 (Men) – Casey Jones*
  • Herald – Jimmie Bragdon*


  • Director – Lindsay M. Palinsky*
  • Producer – Jacquelyn Lies*
  • Production Manager – Liegh Toland*