by Rosedale Shakespeare

Oct. 25 - Nov. 10, 2018


Sorcery and fate, ambition and honor, cunning and bravery fight for dominance as Something for Nothing Theater stages its 2018 fall production of Shakespeare's MACBETH directed by Mary Beyer. In a land where witches prophesy the fall of dynasties, ghosts lurk among the dinner guests, and families are forced to flee their homes, the promise of power has driven one former soldier to unthinkable corruption. Can Scotland survive the reign of Macbeth?

A word from Macbeth's director, Mary Amelia Beyer: 

"Macbeth is the show that – even if you don’t know Shakespeare, even if you hate Shakespeare – if you were to sit down and watch it tomorrow, you’d recognize half a dozen of these lines as something you say in your day-to-day life and you never realized was Shakespeare. It’s familiar, and it’s an exciting moment to take something that’s familiar—that has stood the test of time because it tells a story we keep seeing play out over and over—and then to blow it out into this current moment, where questions of power and questions of entitlement and questions of what someone deserves, and what ends justify what means are playing out on such a huge scale, and sparking these conversations that so many of us didn’t expect to be having. So it’s an exciting moment to grapple with the story, with these relevant themes."





The tradition of free Shakespeare in Ramsey Park continues with our 2018 fall show. Our company produces plays with minimal props, costumes, and lighting, focusing instead on storytelling, and the wonderful language of Shakespeare. As always, our show will be under two hours. Bring a blanket or chairs, pack a picnic, invite some friends, and join us for some beautifully creepy, high-intensity Halloween entertainment!


Macbeth Cast:

Macbeth: Patrick David Wheeler

Lady Macbeth: Regan Goins

Witches: Chelsea Manasseri, Anna Carvalho, Alaithia Velez

MacDuff/Duncan: John Anthony Gonzalez

Malcolm: Ronan Melomo, Cynthia Turner (alternating weekends)

Banquo/Lady MacDuff: Corinna Browning/Cynthia Turner

Porter: Nick Ivons

Ross: Deb Streusand


Production Team:

Director: Mary Amelia Beyer

Costume Designer: Daniel Jimenez

Dramaturg: Lemons Clemons

Fight Choreographer: Toby Minor

Lighting Designer: Courtney DeGinder

Poster Designer: Jennifer Davis

Props Designer: Daniel Jimenez

Set Designer: Daniel Jimenez

Stage Manager: Kathleen Rotondo

Co-producers: Mary Amelia Beyer, Taylor Flanagan, and Deb Streusand

Grant Writers: Taylor Flanagan, Deb Streusand


Something for Nothing Theater was founded on the belief that Shakespeare’s works, at their best, are performed with a minimum amount of gimmick and a great deal of heart. The company produces accessible, family-friendly Shakespeare on a shoestring budget, and discovers all performances through the creative act of play. 


Something for Nothing Theater is a sponsored project of the Austin Creative Alliance, a non-profit arts service organization. To learn more about the Austin Creative Alliance, visit  This project is supported in part by the Cultural Arts Division of the City of Austin Economic Development Department




by William Shakespeare
Rosedale Shakespeare

October 25 - November 10, 2018
Ramsey Park Pavilion
4301 N. Rosedale Avenue
Austin, TX, 78756

Thursdays - Saturdays at 8 p.m., with ONE Wednesday performance at 8 p.m. for Halloween, Ramsey Park Pavilion (4301 N. Rosedale Ave Austin TX 78756) an open-air, picnic-friendly venue

Unlike the three witches, neither our team nor our patrons are supernatural beings, and it’s not safe for you or us to be out in thunder, lightning, nor the heavy rain that Austin’s been having lately. Our audience has always been incredibly dedicated, which we deeply appreciate, but we are not going to ask you to sit in a park and watch us in this kind of weather.

Therefore, we are pushing back the run of our Macbeth by one week: that is, we will open next Thursday, the 25th, and close on November 10th. As usual, we run Thursdays - Saturdays. (This year we have an additional show on Wednesday, October 31, for Halloween!) We appreciate your patience and understanding as we make this change.

Also, we have updates as to who will be playing whom when:

Malcolm: Played by Cynthia Turner October 25-27; played by Ronan Melomo October 31 – November 10
Banquo/Lady MacDuff: Played by Corinna Browning October 25 – November 3; played by Cynthia Turner November 8-10

TICKETS: Free to the public, no reservation required, donations accepted at intermission

More info at, or