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Born With Teeth by Liz Duffy Adams turns history on its ear when an electrifying rendezvous between two of the greatest writers of their time – the enigmatic Kit Marlowe at the height of his fame and the upstart crow Will Shakespeare – creates sparks that would shock even their own mothers. 

In this rip-roaring new play, the two meet in the back room of a pub to collaborate on a new history-play cycle and make startling discoveries about themselves and each other, all while navigating the perils of creating art under a totalitarian regime and flirting like young men with everything to lose.


Review by Shannon Gibson, Bat City Stage Reviews, April 8, 2024

Review by Cliff Cunningham, Sun News Austin, April 10, 2024

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VIDEO - Comments of the director, Ben Wolfe


The cast includes Bailey Ellis as Will Shakespeare and Ismael Soto III as Kit Marlowe.


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"When I saw the premiere of Born With Teeth at the Alley All New Festival in 2022 with Playhouse colleagues Lara Toner Haddock and Sarah Fleming Walker, we immediately jumped to our feet when the curtain came down. It was a true 'you pay for the whole seat but only use the edge of it' experience, and there was no question in our minds that we needed to produce this play,” said Director Ben Wolfe. “The script is a tight 90-minute two-hander that crackles with wit and energy. It’s a compelling blend of fact and fiction – a clandestine meeting between Kit Marlowe and Will Shakespeare on a new collaboration, but not everything is as it seems. Egos clash and tempers flare. Sprinkle in a bit of political intrigue, a dash of religious persecution, and more than a few longing glances, and this play is, in a word, delicious. I’m thrilled that we get to introduce Austin audiences to this exciting new work.”

Directed by Associate Artistic Director Ben Wolfe with costume design by Buffy Manners, lighting design by Natalie George, scenic design by Mike Toner, sound design by Robert S. Fisher, intimacy direction by Grace Ramsden, dramaturgy by Jennifer Sturley and stage management by Barry Miller.


Born with Teeth
by Liz Duffy Adams
Austin Playhouse

April 05 - April 28, 2024
Austin Playhouse West Campus
405 W. 22nd Street
Austin, TX, 78705

April 5 - 28, 2023

Austin Playhouse West Campus

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