Stage Combat Workshop with Toby Minor, Streamed by Austin Playhouse on November 15, 2020

Austin Playhouse is thrilled to announce that we are hosting our first ever Virtual Stage Combat Workshop with Toby Minor! This workshop is part of our all-virtual season, The Ghostlight Season. 



Toby Minor (via Austin Playhouse)



This on-line Stage Combat workshop will focus on techniques for safely performing violence in person as well as on-line. We will look at the ways we can make violence happen for a production on-line as well as explore how we can rehearse violence and physical comedy through the lens of our fixed cameras. This workshop is for all experience levels.


Toby is an award-winning fight choreographer. He is the Stage Combat Instructor at Texas State University and has a certified Actor Combatant with the Society of American Fight Directors.


The Workshop is Sunday, Nov. 15th, 10-1 pm. Admission is $36.70 (processing fee included).


Register here: