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Chaddick Dance Theater is an Austin-based dance company that presents one production per year. Led by choreographer and dancer Cheryl Chaddick, the dance company’s performances explore themes of identity and personal truths. Chaddick Dance Company’s creative process is driven by personal research, exploration, and ultimately, a movement-centric choreographic process that involves ongoing interaction between Chaddick and the company’s dancers.


Common themes in Chaddick’s work include the inner conflicts between oneself and our desired image and our deteriorating ability to connect with and feel empathy towards other people. Drawing from family, work, relationships, spiritual quests, and cultural influences, the heart of the company‘s work is the desire to find the human element amidst growing isolation and a loss of individual distinction. Ms. Chaddick believes it is important and necessary for people to tell their stories. She sees dance as an instrument to teach, impact, question, and inspire others through the arts.


Chaddick worked in San Francisco for nearly two decades, where she received critical acclaim for her choreography and dance work, which was deemed “full-bodied and gorgeously phrased” (SF Bay Guardian) with “splendid partnering, fluidity, and generosity of spirit” (SF Chronicle). Following her return to Austin in 2007, she founded Chaddick Dance Theater and began her first local production, entitled “Second Wind.” Two “Second Wind” dancers received nominations for “best dancer” awards from the Austin Critics Table. Subsequent Chaddick Dance Theater three week run production run of  “Freefall” (2009) and “a co production with Kathy Dunn Hamrick and Berstomg Armstrong in the summer of 2010 at the Austin Ventures Studio Theater. Her 2011 production, “Tender Voices in Flight,” is took place February 17-20, 2011 at the Austin Ventures Studio Theater, 501. W 3rd Street with quest choreographer and well-known teacher Kate Warren. In March of 2012 CDT presented full evening performance “Dark To Light” inviting  a piece from a new young emerging Austin choreographer, Maia McCoy and Katherine Hogdges.


CDT partnered in a the three month long community event of Ballet Austin’s Light 2012/The Holocaust & Humanity Project. Which was a unique event focused on Holocaust educational partnerships that would promote the coexistence and the protection of human rights against bigotry and hate through art, education and public dialogue


Chaddick Dance Theater will kick off their annual 2014 spring season "From The Inside Out" with two premiere works with guest artist, Little Stolen Moments for the grand opening of First Street Studio Inc.  This summer Cheryl Chaddick will be teach classes at the space as well as teaching for  American Ballet Theater's Summer Intensvive at UT. 

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