Cloud Formations
by Bottle Alley Theatre Company

Jul. 12 - Jul. 13 (2015)

Bottle Alley Theatre Company is currently searching for three actors (two women, one man) for our upcoming production of Cloud Formations, the third show of our third season entitled We Will Only Be Young For So Long
Cloud Formations is an original production, a quiet abstract narrative about two girls living in an attic and their last night together. The play itself is about poetry, memory, and the concept of time - especially between the future and the present.
Performance dates have yet to be announced, but shall take place either in late October or early November. We operate on a very laid back rehearsal schedule of Tuesday and Wednesday evenings. 
Bottle Alley Theatre Company is an experimental theatrical company that creates smashmouth thought-provoking and stripped down theatre. We are an ensemble based group who believe in HONESTY and TRUTH in performance, honestly in our relationships with the audiences, each other as performers and as people, and, most importantly with ourselves. We also believe that rehearsals - and the process at large - should be fun and worth your time. So, that's a perk. 
(Also, yes, all of our productions are paid)
Here are some reviews from our past shows so you can get an idea of our aesthetic: 
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Cloud Formations shall take place BY APPOINTMENT ONLY on the evenings of Sunday, July 12th & Monday July 13th beginning at 7 pm. Auditions shall take place at Space Rehearsal and Recording, located at 7915 Manchaca Rd. You only need to attend one of the audition sessions, but attending both is strongly encouraged. 
Still interested? Here's what you need to do next: 
Email your resume and headshot (if you don't have either that is okay too) to writer/director Chris Fontanes at his personal email address at to express your interest. He'll respond by sending you a copy of the script - with original work, we believe that it is important to know what you are getting into. You'll have a quick read of the script, and then if you are still interested, email him back to confirm a time and day of your audition. The auditions themselves shall consist of part conversation, part cold read, and part prepared segments from the script. 
Spots are very limited, so please email as soon as you can.
(via Bottle Alley, 2014)