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by Teatro Audaz

Apr. 10 (2022)

The Mesquite Tree, An American Tragedy by David Davila:  With a little bit of masa and some leftover meat, a single mother can make enough tamales to feed her family for an entire month; but Blanca wants more for her granddaughter than to be pregnant at fifteen and stuck in a small house in South Texas with five generations of abuelas. Can she change her family’s destiny before there’s another mouth to feed?


BAD HOMBRES / GOOD WIVES by Herbert Siguenza: What happens when you mix The Importance of Being Earnest, The School for Wives and a narco telenovela? You get Bad Hombres/Good Wives, a hilarious new comedy written by Herbert Siguenza.  Meet Don Ernesto, a muy macho cartel lord of Sinaloa who is used to getting exactly what he wants. In this case, what he wants is Eva - the young woman he sent to a convent to be trained to become his perfect, submissive wife. En route to meet her future husband, Eva bumps into Mario, the dreamboat son of a rival narco capitán, and her heart leaps. Lust, love and war are in the air. Leave it to Armida, the smartest maid in Mexico, to dream up the scheme to inspire a double wedding that brings an unlikely harmony to the land of cartels and banda music!




Audition Notice for The Following Productions

The Mesquite Tree by David Davila

directed by Vanessa Lerma


Bad Homres / Good Wives by Herbert Siguenza

Directed by Juan Calderon

Date: Sunday, April 10th, 2022

Time: 5PM - 7PM

Location: The Cellar Theater @ The Public

Address: 800 W. Ashby Pl. San Antonio, TX 78212

(Cellar entrance located in the back of the building facing the park)

Initial auditions for both productions will be held on 4/10/22

Callback auditions for:

  • The Mesquite Tree will be on 4/10  (7PM-9PM) following auditions.
  • Bad Hombres / Good Wives will be on Friday, 4/22 (7PM-9PM)

Audition Requirements:

  • Actors must choose and prepare 2 memorized (1-minute) contrasting monologues (comedic and dramatic).
  • Actors must fill out audition form in this link below
  • Bring 2 printed copies of resume
  • Bring 2 printed copies of headshot
  • Callback auditions will consist of cold readings from the script.


  • For those who wish to audition but cannot attend in person on the audition date, we ask that you fill out the audition form in the link above and select "online audition submission"  and there will be an option to upload your video submission at the end of that online form.

**All cast and crew will be required to show proof of full Covid vaccination**

For questions or more info. please email: auditions@teatroaudaz.com 


About the shows:

The Mesquite Tree, An American Tragedy by David Davila

Performance Dates: (Jun 30 - Jul 10, 2022) in The Cellar Theater Thurs, Fri, Sat at 7:30 pm and Sundays at 2:30 pm.

  • Rehearsals beginning May 22nd, 2022 and most rehearsal weeks will be Sunday thru Wed evenings (6-10pm) evenings until Tech Week when schedule will vary with end time and there may be Thurs, Friday and/or Saturdays added to the schedule starting on June 16th. 


MANUELA (MAHUELA) DIAZ: An eighty-something year old Latina woman (played by an actress in their fifties/sixties.) Manuela has suffered a stroke and in wheelchair bound. She is seen in her past, younger, and walking. 

FATIMA (MAMATIMA) LOZANO: Mahuela's daughter. A sixty something year old Latina woman. 

A devout Catholic & matriarch of the house. Her opinions are often dismissed by her daughter, Blanca.

BLANCA (BLANCITA) HERNANDEZ: Fatima's daughter, forty-six years old, Latina. 

Strong-willed, pot-stirrer, desperate to break her family’s cycle of teenage pregnancy

CARMEL MARIA GONZALES: Blanca's oldest daughter, thirty-one years old. 

Vulgar & free-spirited. Dreams of leaving her household. 

SUZY TRUJILLO: Blanca's youngest daughter, nineteen years old.

Young, naive, teenage mother who often plays the peacekeeper with her family.

DESTINY YOLANDA RAMIREZ: Carmel's daughter, fifteen years old. 

Headstrong. Fifteen but looks 22, not fully comfortable in her developing body.  


BAD HOMBRES / GOOD WIVES by Herbert Siguenza

Performance Dates:  (Aug 25 - Sept 4th in The Cellar Theater) Thurs, Fri, Sat at 7:30pm and Sundays at 2:30pm.

  • Rehearsals beginning Jul 17th, 2022 and most rehearsal weeks will be Sunday thru Wed evenings (6-10pm) evenings until Tech Week when schedule will vary with end time and there may be Thurs, Friday and/or Saturdays added to the schedule starting on August 8th.


DON ERNESTO: Head of a powerful Sinaloa drug cartel. Very macho and controlling. In the city of Culiacan, he’s known as Don Ernesto Quesada but outside the city in Monte Verde, he goes by Professor DON RAMIRO BUNBURI. (Age range: 35-45)

ARMIDA: She is Don Ernesto’s house manager. She tries to be strict and proper and hold her tongue but that’s too hard for her. She knows everything that is going on. (Age range: 25-35)

PADRE ALBERTO: The local corrupt Catholic priest. Very slick and slimy but charming. May also play MARIO GRANDE SR. Mario’s deceased Narco father. A ghost. Also NUN. (Age range: 25-35)

EVA: Beautiful young woman that has been raised by nuns in a convent and is truly innocent but not naïve. She is well read, devours news and is an intellectual feminist. (Age range: 18-25)

MARIO GRANDE JR.: A handsome young man who comes back home to Sinaloa following a tragic death in the family. (Age range: 18-25)

LUCHA GRANDE: She is Mario’s mother. She is an older Banda singer. She is tough as nails and a self-made woman. She wears an eye patch and is very macha. Plays NUN. (Age range: 35-45)

LEO : A Hit man, Pedrito the backup dancer, Creepy guy. (Age range: 18-30)

TITO: A Hit man., Pedrito the backup dancer, Bodyguard and Creepy guy. (Age range: 18-30)


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