by Bottle Alley Theatre Company

Jan. 08 - Jan. 16

Bottle Alley Theatre Company, in association with The VORTEX, shall be holding digital auditions for a one-person show -- our world premiere production of Dandelion. 

Dandelion is a digital and experimental piece revolving around one of the last remaining members of a coven of witches -- Morgan Moxley, a collector of cursed objects and occult ephemera. Set over four nights, this devised piece takes the form of a dark auction with interwoven narrative and interactive elements. Dandelion is the newest entry within our Farm Road Coven universe -- our longest running and most popular storyline -- but is ultimately supposed to be a standalone piece. The role of Morgan Moxley is intended to be a female, but anyone of any gender is welcome to audition (and we'll tweak the pronouns to your preferred ones). 

This is the fifth show of our sixth season, which is entitled When The Sunshine Comes Again


Bottle Alley Theatre Company is a DIY punk theatre company specializing in found space theatre. We have been staging strictly original work in all manner of odd places since 2012. Our work aspires to be raw, visceral, immersive, thought-provoking and, above all, honest. 

Here are some links of reviews of our previous Farm Road Coven shows  to get an idea of our aesthetic:  

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Still interested? If so, please email your headshot and resume (don't have a headshot or resume? That’s okay too! Newcomers are welcome) to bottlealleytheatrecompany@gmail.com. Upon receiving it, we'll let you know the next steps. 

We will be accepting auditions from now until SATURDAY, JANUARY 16TH.

Also, though the piece takes place digitally, we will only be accepting submissions from actors living within the greater Austin area ONLY.