Titanic, the musical
by McCallum Fine Arts Academy

Feb. 25 - Mar. 06, 2016

Not to be confused with the blockbuster film released in the same year as the musical's premiere, the production shows the final hours of a group of the fateful ship's passengers in a brand new story unconnected with the tale of Jack and Rose. Instead, the focus is on the real life characters including White Star Lines director J Bruce Ismay, Capt. Smith, and Thomas Andrews the architect, who in turn caused the tragedy by ignoring the ice warnings, but then tried to avert the disaster, and the fortunes of one man Jim Farrell, and three women in steerage (all ironically named Kate).

When the wide discrepancy between the number of survivors from each of the ship’s classes was revealed—all but two of the women in 1st Class were saved while 155 women and children from 2nd and 3rd (mostly 3rd) drowned—there was a new, long-overdue scrutiny of the prevailing social system and its values.

The rarely-performed musical play TITANIC examines the causes, the conditions and the characters involved in this ever-fascinating drama. This is the factual story of the ship—of her officers, crew and passengers, to be sure—but she will not, as has happened so many times before, serve as merely the background against which fictional, melodramatic narratives are recounted. The central character of  TITANIC THE MUSICAL is the TITANIC herself.

MacTheatre proudly presents a cast of 60 thespians in the epic musical Titanic, the 1997 Tony Award winner for Best Musical. MacTheatre’s productions are known for their professionalism, technical presentation and entertainment value. All shows will be in the McCallum Arts Center at 5600 Sunshine Dr. in central Austin. 


*Max Corney: MAN 1
Thomas Andrews- The ship's architect
*Kendrick Lawson-Knight: MAN 2
Barrett- Stoker
Ezra Hankin: MAN 3
Bride, as Telegrapher 
John Thayer as 1st Class Passenger #3
3rd Class Passenger 
Bandleader Wallace Hartley
*Nicholas Ryland: MAN 4
George Widener as 1st Class Passenger #2
As Carlson
As Stoker
As 3rd Class Passenger (Ladies Maid)
Captain E. J. Smith- Captain
Jackson Holtkamp: MAN 6
J. Bruce Ismay -Late 40s chairman of the white star line
*Arturo Hernandez: MAN 7
Charles Clark- Middle class British youth
As Stewards
As 2nd Class Passenger
As 3rd Class Passenger
Joshua Sanchez: MAN 8
Edgar Beane 
As Officer Boxall
2nd Class Passenger
3rd Class Passenger
*Jackson Holtkamp: MAN 9
Isidor Strauss 
1st Class Passenger
As Officer Hitchens
As 2nd Class Passenger (Ladies Maid)
William Alexander Magnusson: MAN 10
Jim Farrell- Handsome Irishman
As 3rd Class Passenger
As Steward (The Launching)
Mr. Bell
1st Class Passenger (Latest Rag)
*Tristen Tierney: MAN 11
Henry Etches, Senior 1st Class Steward
Officer Pitman
Tryston Davis: MAN 12
First Officer Murdoch
*Terrin Dailey:MAN 13 
Officer Lightoller
J.J. Astor
3rd Class Passenger
*Till Simon: MAN 14
1st and 2nd Class Waiter

Miranda Vandenberg & Anna McGuire: WOMAN 1
Alice Beane
3rd Class Passenger (Ladies Maid)
Lauren Carroll & Hannah Young: WOMAN 2
Caroline Neville
As Stewardess
As Mademoiselle Aubert
*Riley Simpson & *Atley Brown: WOMAN 3
Kate McGowan
Charlotte Drake Cardoza
*Megan Hudson & *Molly Leach: WOMAN 4 
Kate Murphy
Mrs. Widener
*Austen Juul- Hansen & *Grace George: WOMAN 5
Kate Mullins
Madeline Astor
*Meg Willimont: WOMAN 6
Ida Strauss
3rd Class Passenger (Remarkable Age)


LARGE ENSEMBLE to play additional 1st, 2nd, and 3rd class passengers, stewards and stewardesses, and stevedores:
*Evalyn McCusker
*Hannah Hufford
*Pilar Rodriguez
*Selah Russel
*Solana Oliver
*Sophia Salo
*Sophie Ryland
*Victor Mata
Alex Escobar
Allyssa Hernandez
Amanda Phares,
Aubrey Harlan
Avery Davis
Cayley Werner
Charlie Dover
Chloe Barrera
Georgia Boutot
Isabelle Habegger
Ivan Silva
Joilynn Green
Josephine Clark
Kayla Simpson
Lily Harris
Maggie Bishop
Mary Teasedale
Matthew Hernandez
Nicholas Heinen
Olivia Foletta
Persephone Harris
Raquelle Cyphers
Renee Ziegler
Sofia Martinez
Staria Cole
Teryn Cazal, 
Wesley Bryant
Ivan Silva Perez


Stage manager:
Alana Raper
Assistant stage managers:
Zora Moore-Thoms
Haley Johnson
Scenery/Paint Crew
Technical Directors:
Abigail Tyree
Vivien Blumofe
Scenic/Paint Crew:
Ramona Sever
Micaela Ramacciotti
Chris Carmagnola
Gabriela Fagelman
Joanna Henny
Leroy Phillips
Jojo Jones
Props master:
Emma Matus
Props Crew:
Ivan Silva
Sophie Petrosky
Rosalinda Marchione-Jones
Costumes, Hair, Makeup
Costume Head:
Flora McNabb
Hair and Makeup Head:
Stella McGriffy
Costumes, Hair and Makeup Crew:
Tiffany Vandenberg
Jazzabelle Davishines
Lily Poe
Hannah Ashcraft
Lights and Sound and Projection
Lighting Design:
Scott Vandenberg
Sound Design:
Jeff Miller
Master Electrician:
Sarah Kay Stephens
Light Crew:
Beatrix Jackman
Makenna Mabon
Sound Crew:
Emily Horan
Wyatt Roberts
Justice Joursia

Austin Entertainment Weekly recently named MacTheatre as the most outstanding academic theatre in Austin along with St. Edwards University. More information on MAC Theatre’s 62nd season can be found at http://mactheatre.com/

MAC Theatre is one of many programs in McCallum’s Fine Arts Academy, which was named as the number one 2015 National GRAMMY Signature School. As Austin ISD’s district-wide fine arts intensive high school program, the Fine Arts Academy at McCallum High School provides an exemplary arts education program for 9th - 12th grade students to pursue an accelerated arts curriculum as fine arts majors.

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Titanic, the musical
by Maury Yeston and Peter Stone
McCallum Fine Arts Academy

February 25 - March 06, 2016
McCallum High School
5600 Sunshine Drive
Austin, TX, 78756

Thursdays - Saturdays at 7 p.m., Sundays at 2 p.m.

Show dates:
Thursday, Feb. 25 - 7 pm
Friday, Feb. 26 - 7 pm
Saturday, Feb. 27 - 7 pm
Sunday, Feb. 28 - 2 pm

Thursday, Mar. 3 - 7 pm
Friday, Mar. 4 - 7 pm
Saturday, Mar. 5 - 7 pm
Sunday, Mar. 6 - 2 pm

Tickets may be purchased at the door or at https://mactheatre.thundertix.com/events 
Student tickets are $7; adults are $16 and seniors are $12.

Austin Entertainment Weekly recently named MacTheatre as the Most Outstanding Academic Theatre in Austin along with St. Edward’s University. 


See what's playing the rest of the season here: http://mactheatre.com/