The One-­Minute Play Festival 2014
by Salvage Vanguard Theater

Aug. 28 - Aug. 30, 2014

An evening of micro plays by 40 Texas Playwrights, Featuring plays by Kirk Lynn, Katherine Catmull, Elizabeth Doss, Cyndi Williams & 35+ other playwrights

ScriptWorks and the New York based company, The One-Minute Play Festival (#1MPF), in collaboration with Salvage Vanguard Theatre (SVT)  present The 1st Austin One-Minute Play Festival Aug 28-30 at Salvage Vanguard Theatre. Following sold-out performances in 20+ cities, this festival aims to celebrate local voices and investigate the local zeitgeist through this exciting process. 

#1MPF will feature 70 brand new One-Minute Plays by 40 playwrights of Texas’ growing pool of exceptional contemporary writers; among them are some of the most important artistic voices in the nation.

Artists will be working on this emerging short form to explore the relationship of the individual voice to the zeitgeist of a specific region. The writers have several weeks to complete scripts, with the only stipulation being that they can be performed in one minute.

Playwrights are selected by invitation and asked to engage in #1MPF’s playmaking approach. Playwrights are encouraged to write about anything they are passionate about, and, as emerging themes or ideas become apparent, the plays are grouped into “clumps” to reflect those elements. Teams of directors and actors work to stage each clump of plays. And the result: 70 fully mounted plays, all staged with 4 chairs.

This Festival will feature work by Katie Bender, Allison Orr Block, Paul Bonin-Rodriguez, James Burnside, Monika Bustamante, Bastion Carboni, Katherine Catmull, Elizabeth Cobbe, Martha Lynn Coon, Adrienne Dawes, Trey Deason, Elizabeth Doss, Amparo Garcia-Crow, Raul Garza, Kirk German, Aimée Gonzalez, Meg Haley, Reina Hardy, Joanna Horowitz, Brian Kettler, Abe Koogler, Rhonda Kulhanek, Max Langert, Kirk Lynn, P. Paullette MacDougal, Marshall Ryan Maresca, Jennifer Margulies, Tegan McLeod, Briandaniel Oglesby, Jason Rainey, Candyce Rusk, Sarah Saltwick, Roxanne Schroeder-Arce, Hank Schwemmer, Diana Lynn Small, C. Denby Swanson, Lisa B. Thompson Cyndi Williams, and Anne Maria Wynter.

Directed by Derek Kolluri, Jenny Lavery, Ellie McBride, Christina J. Moore, Linda Nenno, Will Hollis Snider, Ken Webster, and Lily Wolff  and featuring Aaron Alexander, Roxy Becker,  Jacques Colimon, Hildreth England,  Emily Erington, Huck Huckaby, Matrex Kilgore, Katie Kohler, Jose Villarreal and many more! 

The One-­Minute Play Festival 2014
Salvage Vanguard Theater

August 28 - August 30, 2014
Salvage Vanguard Theater
2803 E Manor Rd
Austin, TX, 78722

THURS, Aug 28th,FRI Aug 29th, & SAT Aug 30th at 8 p.m.

Tickets to The One-Minute Play Festival are $20and are available through ScriptWorks’ website at