by Last Act Theater Company

Jul. 29 - Aug. 14, 2016

Inspired by true events, Postville is the story of what happens when a group of Hasidic Jews purchase a defunct meatpacking plant in a struggling Iowa town with the intent of converting it into a kosher facility. At first, the locals think their problems are over, but an epic culture clash ensues that turns the American melting pot into a pressure cooker that explodes.

The show will run Thurs.-Sun. July 28-August 14, 2016.  

Avram: Robert Stevens
Chanah: Jacquelyn Lies
Moishe: Beau Paul
Jonathan: Nathan Ford
Grace: Kathy Rose Center
Ray: Patrick Lescarbeau
Rhonda: Laurie Coker
Katie: Corinna Browning
Arcadia: Eva McQuade

by Don Fried, adapted from Steven G. Bloom
Last Act Theater Company

July 29 - August 14, 2016
Trinity Street Players
Black Box Theatre, 4th floor, First Baptist Church
901 Trinity Street
Austin, TX, 78701

Thursdays - Sundays; more to be announced by Last Act Theatre Company (March 24, 2016)